NCC Conducted Commencement Ceremonies Friday, May 11

Two hundred and twenty two students graduated from Northwest Iowa Community College on Friday, May 11, 2018 during commencement ceremonies held in the Northwest Iowa Lifelong Learning and Recreation Center on NCC’s campus. A list of students who received diplomas and degrees follows:
ADRIAN, MN – Zachary A. Hendel, Automotive Service Diploma.

ALEXANDER, IA – Robert M. Peinke, Industrial and Commercial Wiring Degree.

ALTA, IOWA – Annaliese G. Kearney, Agriculture; Aspen A. Wiederholt, Medical Coding Diploma.
ALTON, IA – Zachary T. De Jong, Automotive Service Diploma; Thomas K. Holzman, Automotive Service Diploma; Christopher A. Zavala-Anzua, Automotive Service Diploma.

ALVORD, IOWA – Jesus A. Amador Garcia, Associate of Science Degree; Diana R. Ibarra Garcia, Associate Degree in Nursing.
APLINGTON, IA – Jacob I. Paulding, Powerline Diploma.

ARNOLD’S PARK, IA – Sierra J. Myer, Associate of Arts Degree.
ASHTON, IA – Erin K. Fischer, Practical Nursing Diploma; Justin L. Kruse, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree; Carson W. Schaa, Associate of Arts Degree; Steven L. Winter, Agriculture Degree, Mireya Zapata, Associate of Arts Degree.
AUBURN, WA – Brian L. Gulmire, Associate of Arts Degree.

BLOOMINGTON, MN – Noah K. Lameck, Associate Degree in Nursing.

BOISE, ID – Hannah N. Hoogendoorn, Associate Degree in Nursing.
BOYDEN, IA – Ross R. Driesen, Industrial and Commercial Wiring Degree;
Kala S. Hartog, Associate Degree in Nursing.
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – Hunter M. Matthews, Powerline Diploma; Austin M. Parmenter, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree
CHEROKEE, IA – Ryan M. Fiedler, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree.

COAL VALLEY, IL – Mason B. Pauley, Powerline Diploma.
COLUMBIA, MO – Christopher J. Lewis, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.
CORRECTIONVILLE, IA – Andrew B. Henschen, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.

CRESCO, IA – Owen G. Ellingson, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree; Kole A. Hunziker, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree; Tyler J. Thomas, Powerline Diploma.
DES MOINES, IA – Maryrose E. Nwosah, Practical Nursing Diploma.

DOON, IA – Lucas J. Mantel, Associate of Arts Degree; Katelyn J. Vander Ziel, Associate Degree in Nursing.
DOWNING, MO – Keenan D. Bradley, Powerline Diploma.
DUBUQUE, IA – Christopher J. Clewell, Powerline Diploma.

DURANT, IA – Zachary H. Keppy, Powerline Diploma.
ELIZABETH, IL – Dale R. Gerlich, Powerline Diploma.
ESSEX, IA – Nikolaus C. Martin, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree.

ESTHERVILLE, IA – Norell F. Brown, Practical Nursing Diploma; Misty D. Hanks, Associate Degree in Nursing; Jozlynn A. Ring, Associate Degree in Nursing.

EVANSDALE, IA – Dylan M. Gilstrap, Powerline Diploma.

EVERLY, IA – Oma L. Clem, Practical Nursing Diploma; Madison J. Manwarren, Associate Degree in Nursing; Sonya A. Newkirk, Associate Degree in Nursing.
FOSTORIA, IA – Madison J. Voss, Practical Nursing Diploma.
GEORGE, IA – Spencer D. Carstensen, Associate of Arts Degree; Maitland E. Dykstra, Associate of Arts Degree; Jacob J. Hilbrands, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Taylor B. Jumbeck, Associate of Arts Degree.
GLIDDEN, IA – Jared S. Hannasch, Powerline Technology Degree.
GRANVILLE, IA – Kathryn E. Braun, Practical Nursing Diploma.
HARTLEY, IA – Felicia N. Albee, Practical Nursing Diploma; Tyler J. Brink, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Michael J. Hoaglund, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Taylor N. Howing, Associate Degree in Nursing; Sherry B. Kuehl, Associate of Arts Degree.
HAWARDEN, IA – Mary M. Bennett, Associate Degree in Nursing; Laura P. Cervantes, Associate of Arts Degree; Cheryl A. De Roon, Practical Nursing Diploma; Ashley G. Dubois-Minor, Practical Nursing Diploma; Jacob W. Grubb, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree; Jessica L. McInnis, Accounting Degree; Chase K. Van Driel, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.
HINTON, IA – Lucas S. Vondrak, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.
HOSPERS, IA – Kathleen A. Chicas Izaguirre, Clerical Accounting; Emily K. Vande Weerd, Associate Degree in Nursing; Rylie S. Van Der Zwaag, Associate of Arts Degree; Katelyn R. Wynia Associate Degree in Nursing.
HUDSON, SD – Brandon J. Rau, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree.

HULL, IA – Mariah J. Jansma, Practical Nursing Diploma; Zachary J. Koele, Associate of Arts Degree; Robin N. Vis, Associate Degree in Nursing; Dustin D. Woelber, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.
INWOOD, IA – Josie M. Belt, Human Services Degree; Stacy K. Berentschot, Practical Nursing Diploma; Heather T. Hernandez, Practical Nursing Diploma; Kimberly E. Zordel, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.
IOWA FALLS, IA – Alexander D. Dague, Powerline Diploma.
IRETON, IA – Samuel A. Mueller, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.
LA BELLE, MO – Andre R. Nixon, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.
LA PORTE CITY, IA – Colton M. Dietrick, Powerline Diploma; Hunter D. Reel, Powerline Diploma.

LAKE PARK, IA – Abby L. Cook, Associate Degree in Nursing; TiaLisa L. Jurgensen, Practical Nursing Diploma; Amber L. Rakotz, Practical Nursing Diploma; Elizabeth E. Olson, Associate Degree in Nursing.
LAKEVILLE, MN – Jusper M. Nyaberi, Practical Nursing Diploma.

LARCHWOOD, IA – Amber L. Pottebaum, Associate Degree in Nursing.

LE MARS, IA – Caitlyn M. DeMey, Associate Degree in Nursing; Paige McDougall, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree; Nicole A. Ruden, Practical Nursing Diploma; Crystal A. Schulz, Associate Degree in Nursing; Britney A. Toben, Associate Degree in Nursing.

LITTLE ROCK, IA – Kassidy L. Klaassen, Pharmacy Technician Certificate; Blair K. Kruse, Associate of Arts Degree; Olivia A. Noteboom, Associate of Arts Degree; Brooklyn J. Schneekloth, Associate of Arts Degree.
LIVERMORE, IA – Ali J. Foth, Agriculture Degree.
LONE TREE, IA – Austin J. Ronan, Powerline Diploma.
LU VERNE, IA – Tyson M. Halsrud, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree.

LUVERNE, MN – Brian J. Barnhart, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree.

MABEL, MN– Mitchell R. Kuhn, Powerline Diploma.

MAPLETON, IA – Sonya J. Masters, Associate Degree in Nursing.

MARCUS, IA – Dawn M. Roberts, Associate of Arts Degree.

MARSHALLTOWN, IA– Maxwell A. Upah, Powerline Diploma.
MAURICE, IA– Collin J. Van Donkelaar, Automotive Service Diploma.

MELVIN, IA– Dakota L. Morton, Medical Coding Diploma, Health Information Technology Degree; Anne M. Wynja, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Kate E. Wynja, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Wesley A. Wynja, Clerical Accounting Diploma.
MERRILL, IA – Elizabeth M. Vargas, Practical Nursing Diploma.
MILFORD, IA – Brittany L. Moeller, Practical Nursing Diploma.
MONONA, IA – Hunter D. Fletcher, Powerline Diploma.
MUSCLE SHOALS, AL – Fonda D. Stutts, Medical Coding Diploma, Health Information Technology Degree.
NEW BOSTON, IL – Corey J. Cox, Powerline Diploma.
ORANGE CITY, IA – Madison R. Dau, Administrative Secretarial Diploma; Mikkelle C. De Bey, Practical Nursing Diploma; Tiffany J. Huizenga, Medical Coding Diploma; Ashley L. Louwerse, Administrative Secretarial Diploma, Administrative Office Management Degree; Caroline J. Mulder, Accounting Degree; Amanda L. Reinders, Practical Nursing Diploma; Austin J. Rolfes, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Ashley M. Schiefen, Practical Nursing Diploma; Erika S. Taylor, Accounting Degree; Isidro Topete, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree.
PAULLINA, IA – Amy L. Bennett, Administrative Office Management Degree; Windy S. Dagel, Accounting Degree; Brittany M. Heithus, Practical Nursing Diploma; Shay C. Lund, Practical Nursing Diploma.

PIERSON, IA – Austin L. Campbell, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.
PRIMGHAR, IA – Ashley N. Lode, Practical Nursing Diploma.
QUINCY, IL – Joseph A. Sanders, Powerline Diploma.

ROCK RAPIDS, IA – Tyler J. Bloemendaal, Associate of Arts Degree; Nicholas M. Clifford, Associate of Arts Degree; Marissa L. Kracht, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Brenda S. Van Hofwegen, Practical Nursing Diploma.
ROCK VALLEY, IA – Hannah M. Aardema, Administrative Secretarial Diploma, Taylor R. Hanson, Associate of Arts Degree; Mikayl M. Hugie, Practical Nursing Diploma; Danielle J. Kooima, Associate Degree in Nursing; Morgan J. Kooima, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Jessica A. Rus, Practical Nursing Diploma; Whitney K. Van Ommeren, Associate Degree in Nursing.

ROCKWELL, IA – Matthew B. Ries, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree.
RUSHMORE, MN – Taylor M. Erwin, Practical Nursing Diploma.

SAC CITY, IA – Hunter A. Daisy, Automotive Service Diploma.

SANBORN, IA – Charity E. Bangert, Practical Nursing Diploma; Jessica D. Brown, Associate Degree in Nursing; Caleb J. Buren, Automotive Service Diploma; Tori L. Cammann, Practical Nursing Diploma; Kara L. Maranell, Practical Nursing Diploma; Cheyenne M. Mc Clain, Associate Degree in Nursing; Alexis T. Savage, Associate Degree in Nursing; Kaley A. Tewes, Practical Nursing Diploma; Wayne E. Wolthuizen, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.
SHELDON, IA – Jenna M. Bakken, Practical Nursing Diploma; Gage M. Bassett, Associate of Arts Degree; Cody D. Cooper, Associate of Arts Degree; Dakota J. Farquhar, Associate of Arts Degree; Kyle R. Feltman, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree; Ashlee J. Fuerstenberg, Associate Degree in Nursing; Victoria R. Houtsma, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree; Alyssa J. Kavanagh, Associate of Arts Degree; Kelsey M. Kokenge, Practical Nursing Diploma; Christina M. Mahoney, Associate of Arts Degree, Practical Nursing Diploma; Caroline W. Mwangi, Practical Nursing; Jonathan S. Reyes, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Jonathan K. Rozeboom, Associate of Arts Degree; Alexa J. Schut, Practical Nursing Diploma; Wyatt R. Shannon, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Esther N. Thuku, Associate Degree in Nursing; Louis M. Vander Velde, Powerline Diploma; Jessica M. Wollmuth, Associate of Arts Degree; Eugene O. Yeboah, Practical Nursing Diploma.

SHENADOAH, IA – Christopher M. Ames, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree; John W. Johnson, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree.

SIBLEY, IA – Kelly C. Heinis, Practical Nursing Diploma; Carson D. Marco, Associate of Arts Degree; Emma J. Theis, Practical Nursing Diploma; Gloria K. Villanueva, Pharmacy Technician Diploma.
SIGOURNEY, IA – Tyler B. Hanson, Powerline Diploma.
SIOUX CENTER, IA – Jackson W. De Boer, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Katie R. Dykstra, Associate Degree in Nursing; Angela M. Kamerman, Medical Coding Diploma; Timothy R. Mulder, Associate Degree in Nursing; Shelbee Y. Phomphakdy, Pharmacy Technician Diploma; Ashley M. Rohlk, Practical Nursing Diploma; David J. Van Dixhoorn, Practical Nursing Diploma; Tanner L. Van Wyhe, Associate Degree in Nursing; Ashley P. Wood, Medical Coding Diploma.

SIOUX CITY, IA – Orlando M. Clemente, Practical Nursing Diploma; Alexie N. Eversley, Practical Nursing Diploma; Renee J. Reeves, Medical Coding Diploma.

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Ashley A. Wittkop, Associate of Arts Degree.

SIOUX RAPIDS, IA – Mikayla R. Landsness, Associate Degree in Nursing.
SPENCER, IA – Brianna J. Adams, Practical Nursing Diploma; Sabrina R. Chappel, Associate Degree in Nursing; Nicole M. Harrington, Associate Degree in Nursing; Jillian J. Hewitt, Practical Nursing Diploma; Amber A. Laubenthal, Associate of Arts Degree; Boun Lovan, Practical Nursing Diploma; Misty L. May-Wilcox, Associate Degree in Nursing; Jacob C. Moermond, Practical Nursing Diploma; Clarictza Sanchez, Practical Nursing Diploma; Alexa R. Sanow, Practical Nursing Diploma; Miranda M. Scott, Practical Nursing Diploma; Dalton R. Thurman, Associate of Arts Degree.

SPIRIT LAKE, IA – Kiley M. Christensen, Practical Nursing Diploma; April A. Heitrittter, Practical Nursing Diploma; Julie M. Steinle, Associate Degree in Nursing.
STORM LAKE, IA – Krystal M. Anderson, Practical Nursing Diploma.

TIPTON, IA – Colton R. Clark, Associate Degree in Nursing.
WAPELLO, IA – Justin J. Chesmore, Powerline Diploma; Justin D. Frank, Heavy Equipment Operation Degree.
WATERLOO, IA – Melissa A. Kelley, Medical Coding Diploma, Accounting Degree.
WILLIAMSTOWN, MO – Nate W. Phillips, Powerline Diploma.

WILMONT, MN – Taylor F. Schettler, Practical Nursing Diploma.

WILTON, IA – Mason T. Ochiltree, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

WINCHESTER, IL – Cameron J. Kemper, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree; Tyler M. Strohecker, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.
WINDOM, MN – Emily A. White, Associate of Arts Degree.