NCC Conducted Virtual Commencement Ceremonies Friday, May 8

Two hundred and four students graduated from Northwest Iowa Community College on Friday, May 8, 2020 during virtual commencement ceremonies. A list of students who received diplomas and degrees follows:

ALGONA, IAAustin L. Chase, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

ALTA, IAThomas A. Kueny, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

ALTON, IARuby K. Albers, Clerical Accounting Diploma, Administrative Office Management Degree; Shawn T. Hexamer, Automotive Service Diploma.

ALVORD, IADylan W. Teunissen, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

ARNOLDS PARK, IAAmanda M. Ward, Practical Nursing Diploma.

ASBURY, IATrevor M. Loso, Powerline Diploma.

ASHTON, IAAbigail J. Lamm, Practical Nursing Diploma; Jennifer L. Mangel, Associate of Arts Degree.

BANCROFT, IAEvan C. Ingalls, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Drew M. Merron, Automotive Service Diploma.

BROXTON, GAGeorge T. McIver Jr., Agriculture Degree.

BURLINGTON, IAJackson H. Worster, Powerline Diploma.

CENTRALIA, MOTanner J. Church, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

CHARTER OAK, IAMark D. Morley, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

Katrina L. Carlson, Accounting Degree; Brian L. Lauck, Web & Graphic Design Diploma, Web & Graphic Design Degree.

CLEGHORN, IAShanda D. Schlinz, Health Information Technology Degree.

DECORAH, IANathan A. Tappe, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

DENISON, IADalton A. Burk, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree; Michael J. Weltz, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

DENVER, IACarter J. Herbst, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

DOON, IAKacyn S. Bakker, Associate of Arts Degree; Maria K. Fluit, Practical Nursing Diploma; Byron J. Maassen, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Ethan Van Bemmel, Automotive Service Diploma.

EDGEWOOD, IABenjamin J. Ernst, Powerline Diploma; Kal J. Hoeger, Powerline Diploma.

Joseph C. Boehm, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

Madison C. Olson, Associate of Arts Degree.

ESTHERVILLE, IANorell F. Brown, Associate Degree in Nursing.

EVERLY, IAMeghan S. Siefken, Associate Degree in Nursing; Lucas A. Sindt, Automotive Service Diploma.

Marcus A. Kiefer, Powerline Diploma.

GEORGE, IAShayna B. Maassen, Business Degree; Anna R. Schmidt, Associate Degree in Nursing; Shelby K. Sprock, Practical Nursing Diploma.

GRAETTINGER, IAAlex L. Hoffman, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

GRANVILLE, IADallas A. Jalas, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree;

GREEN FIELD, IATyler D. Hennigar, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

GRETNA, NECade M. Westervelt, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.

GRIMES, IAHunter J. Baumler, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

GRISWOLD, IAShannon L. King, Health Information Technology Degree.

GUTTENBERG, IABlake S. Lange, Powerline Diploma.

HAMPTON, IATrey A. Swaney, Powerline Diploma.

HARTLEY, IARachel L. Crist, Associate Degree in Nursing; Ashley R. Heetland, Associate Degree in Nursing; Obaga J. James, Practical Nursing Diploma; Kourtney R. Schnurr, Practical Nursing Diploma; Crystal J. Starr, Practical Nursing Diploma; Katelyn A. Vander Stoep, Associate of Arts Degree; Sharleen K. Walters, Medical Coding Diploma.

HOSPERS, IA Jennifer K. Auchstetter, Associate Degree in Nursing; Jamie L. Bomgaars, Associate Degree in Nursing; Emily N. Ver Steeg,  Administrative Office Assistant Diploma; Brooke N. Zevenbergen, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

Sonia Garza Carrizales, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Kendra S. Keizer, Associate Degree in Nursing; Makenna R. Kooi, Associate Degree in Nursing; Kindra R. Oostra, Associate Degree in Nursing; Darren M. Rensink, Automotive Service Diploma; Jaretsse Sedano, Associate of Arts Degree; Tessa N. Vanden Bosch, Accounting Degree; Jenipher D. Van Den Top, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Cassidy M. Van’t Hul, Administrative Office Assistant Diploma; Megan J. Waldner, Practical Nursing Diploma; Karissa D. Wynia, Clerical Accounting Diploma.

INWOOD, IAJacqueline P. Hyronemus, Associate Degree in Nursing; Jessica L. Van Dyke, Practical Nursing Diploma.

IOWA CITY, IA Jace T. Werderitsch, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance       Management Degree.

IOWA FALLS, IA Riley P. McWherter, Powerline Diploma.

IRETON, IAAlex L. Gradert, Associate Degree in Nursing, Dean M. Ymker, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

KEOKUK, IA Michael L. Glasscock, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

KINGSLEY, IA Mitchell S. Bohle, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

KINGSLEY, MI Catherine L. Beeman, Health Information Technology Degree.

LARCHWOOD, IA Kianna M. Roemen, Practical Nursing Diploma.

LE MARS, IA Jacob G. Hunt, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree; Allyson K. Jennings, Administrative Office Assistant Diploma; Hannah E. Jungers, Practical Nursing Diploma; Deven M. Sailer, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Christopher L. Ward, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree.

Little Rock, IAJill N. Nachtigal, Associate of Arts Degree; Riley J. Schneekloth, Industrial & Commercial Wiring; Carson P. Stave, Design Technology Degree; Cole K. Stave, Business Degree.

MAPLETON, IARiley B. Elwell, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

MARCUS, IA Meranda J. Chumley, Practical Nursing Diploma.

Cole M. Marzen, Powerline Diploma.

MAURICE, IA Justin C. De Weerd, Automotive Service Diploma.

MILFORD, IAKendra S. Kastner, Health Information Technology Degree; Jennifer L. Kipfer, Pharmacy Technician Diploma; Kristin J. Roth, Associate Degree in Nursing.

MUSCATINE, IA Hunter J. Eserhaut, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

NEWELL, IA Miguel A. Mondragon, Automotive Service Diploma.

OCHEYEDAN, IA MaKayla M. DeBondt, Practical Nursing Diploma.

Orange City, IANicky G. Lopez, Associate of Arts Degree; Kendra J. Nieuwendorp, Associate Degree in Nursing; Sara B. Smit, Associate Degree in Nursing; Jolene R. Vander Waal, Associate of Arts Degree.

OSAGE, IAKyle J. Mullenbach, Powerline Diploma.

PAULLINA, IA Theresa L. Gnade, Practical Nursing Diploma; Morgan I. Hohbach, Practical Nursing Diploma.

PETERSON, IA Sirus O. Samson, Web & Graphic Design Diploma.

Lindsey A. Cundiff, Practical Nursing Diploma.

QUINCY, IL Nathan K. Herman, Powerline Diploma.

RADCLIFFE, IA Auston Reistetter, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

RIPPEY, IA Kane W. Borgeson, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

ROCK RAPIDS, IA Brianna G. Van Veldhuizen, Web & Graphic Design Degree.

ROCK VALLEY, IA Alexis L. Anderson, Practical Nursing Diploma; Angela L. Bloemendaal, Practical Nursing Diploma; Sadie R. Busby, Associate of Arts Degree; Jaden J. Den Boer, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree; Allison R. Jansen, Practical Nursing Diploma; Sara H. Maassen, Associate of Arts Degree; Jorge Martinez Vieyra, Associate of Arts Degree; Karen D. Sanchez Guillen, Practical Nursing Diploma; Danielle M. Strubbe, Associate of Arts Degree, Associate Degree in Nursing; Samuel J. Teunissen, Clerical Accounting Diploma, Accounting Degree; Erika M. Van Beek, Associate Degree in Nursing; Leah E. Van Ravenswaay, Accounting Degree, Alyssa M. Van Surksum, Associate Degree in Nursing; Cristina L. Vasquez, Practical Nursing Diploma; Monica A. Vink, Practical Nursing Diploma; Jenna A. Warburton, Practical Nursing Diploma.

ROCKWELL CITY, IACali J. Miller, Agriculture Degree.

RUSHVILLE, IL Jordan T. Kunkel, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree.

RUTHVEN, IAVictoria J. Grange, Associate of Arts Degree.

Megan M. Babb, Clerical Accounting Diploma, Accounting Degree, Business Degree; Macie L. Cammann, Practical Nursing Diploma; Josphat M. Matagaro, Associate Degree in Nursing; Nelson M. Momanyi, Practical Nursing Diploma; Samson B. Nyambati, Associate Degree in Nursing.

SHELDON, IAKorbin E. Alderton, Powerline Diploma, Powerline Technology Degree; Samantha J. Anderson, Associate Degree in Nursing; Abi D. Bautista, Medical Coding Diploma; Jonah N. Dacken, Design Technology Degree; Amber N. Dougherty, Associate of Arts Degree; Dustin A. Freeman, Associate of Science Degree; Tyrone L. Fude, Associate of Arts Degree; Katerina B. Griffin, Practical Nursing Diploma; Karly M. Honkomp, Administrative Office Management Degree; Florence W. Kamau, Practical Nursing Diploma; Susan M. Kanini, Associate Degree in Nursing; Andrew M. Klaassen, Associate of Arts Degree; Kordell Z. Kooiker, Automotive Service Diploma; Damaris W. Kuria, Associate Degree in Nursing; Byron R. Marroquin-Morales, Engineering Design Diploma, Design Technology Degree; Adam S. Moore, Industrial Instrumentation & Control Degree; Monica W. Mwaniki, Associate Degree in Nursing; Jeffrey A. Peterson, Automotive Service Diploma; Sheri R. Postma, Health Information Technology Degree; Wyatt J. Sawvel, Powerline Diploma; Tyler K. Sipma, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree; Emily R. Stephenson, Associate of Arts Degree; Brianne M. Thompson, Associate of Arts Degree; Shayla B. Van Meeteren, Practical Nursing Diploma; Tyler J. Whitcanack, Practical Nursing Diploma Quinten J. Wynia, Associate of Arts Degree.

Kaitlyn E. Bechler, Practical Nursing Diploma; John Buarapha, Associate of Arts Degree, Design Technology Degree; Selina Chavez, Clerical Accounting Diploma; Joshua R. Hoffman, Associate of Arts Degree; Alexa A. Julius, Practical Nursing Diploma; ; Lee O. Smith, Associate of Arts Degree; Allie L. Van Tilburg, Associate Degree in Nursing. Eddie K. Villanueva, Automotive Service Diploma.

SIOUX CENTER, IAPayton A. Boone, Associate of Arts Degree; Jayden N. Fedders, Associate Degree in Nursing; Morgan C. Feenstra, Administrative Office Assistant Diploma; Nicole L. Fischer, Practical Nursing Diploma; Gisela G. Granillo, Associate of Arts Degree; Paula J. Haan, Associate Degree in Nursing, Associate of Arts Degree; Lyndsay J. Sassman, Automotive Service Diploma; Paige E. Solsma, Accounting Degree; Karen G. Vargas Espino, Practical Nursing Diploma; Annalise C. Vonk, Practical Nursing Diploma; Brooke N. Vos, Administrative Office Assistant.

SIOUX CITY, IA Ross C. Eldridge, Associate of Arts Degree; Brok D. Garrigan, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management; Andrea R. Muller, Practical Nursing Diploma; Tessie L. Simon, Associate Degree in Nursing; Keera M. Stanley, Associate of Arts Degree.

Shelby L. Dolphin, Practical Nursing Diploma; Kobe I. Simmons, Associate Degree in Nursing.

SLATER, IA Jonathan L. Konfrst, Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance Management Degree.

SLOAN, IA Bailey C. Benton, Powerline Diploma.

SPENCER, IADarcy R. Erb, Associate of Arts Degree; Cole B. Hagedorn, Associate of Arts Degree; Molly J. Heidebrink, Practical Nursing Diploma; Taylor J. Mcguire, Practical Nursing Diploma; Mikayla J. Perkins, Associate Degree in Nursing; Stephanie S. Sorensen, Pharmacy Technician Diploma, Associate of Arts Degree; Misty D. Spaulding, Automotive Service Diploma.

Hailey I. Moreno, Practical Nursing Diploma; Lauren C. Schimek, Associate of Arts Degree.

SPRINGFIELD, MN Hali J. Winkelmann, Practical Nursing Diploma.

STORM LAKE, IADalton J. Lullmann, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

WAPELLO, IA Elijah G. Hogan, Powerline Diploma.

WASHBURN, IA Zachary S. Rosauer, Powerline Diploma.

WEST BEND, IAMicah L. Messner, Industrial & Commercial Wiring Degree.

WILTON, IA Andrew R. Mueller, Jr., Powerline Diploma.

WINTERSET, IA Zachary C. Childs, Powerline Diploma.

WORTHINGTON, MNMiesso W. Hami, Associate Degree in Nursing.