NCC Diesel Technology Alumni Thankful for Sponsorship Opportunity

Nicholas Abbas and Caleb Meyer came from different backgrounds and took different paths to NCC, but they are currently reaping the benefits of the same sponsorship opportunity.

Northwest Iowa Community College has been in the business of training diesel technicians since 1968. Graduates of the Diesel Technology program are prepared to enter a variety of positions at truck dealerships, truck fleets, owner/operators, construction contractors, farm equipment dealers, heavy equipment dealerships and independent repair shops. An expansion of classroom and lab space in 2020 increased the program capacity allowing NCC to train additional students, and in turn, produce additional technicians to meet high industry demand.

The diesel industry has faced a technician shortage for a number of years. In an effort to combat this, many companies offer sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorships encourage high school students to pursue careers in high-demand fields through offering benefits such as, tuition reimbursements, tool allowances, and guaranteed employment. Due to the wide variety of available jobs for diesel technicians, demand continues to increase at a rapid rate. Along with demand for technicians, the number of companies offering sponsorship opportunities continues to increase as well.

A large number of available sponsorship opportunities allow students to apply as early as their junior year of high school. Students who know what career field they wish to enter upon graduation have an advantage when it comes to sponsorships.  Nicholas Abbas and Caleb Meyer are two examples of this.

Not knowing one another prior to beginning the Diesel Technology program at NCC, these two aspiring Diesel Technicians had a lot in common:

  • Both knew they were attending the Diesel Technology Program at NCC.
  • Both knew they would graduate from NCC with little-to no debt thanks to Town & Country Implement’s Technician Scholarship Program.
  • Both knew they would be employed as Ag Technicians at Town & Country Implement during their time at NCC and following graduation.

Nicholas and Caleb met during the fall semester of 2019 and learned they had something in common — both of them were recipients of the Town & Country Technician Scholarship program. The program provided each of them $5,000 towards tool expenses and $15,000 towards tuition reimbursement.  It also guaranteed them part-time employment during school and full-time employment following graduation.

Upon graduation from the Diesel Technology program in July of 2021, Nicholas and Caleb began full-time positions as Ag Service Technicians at Town & Country Implement.

Mike Jansen, Service Manager at Town & Country Implement and alumnus of NCC’s Diesel Technology program, serves as Nicholas and Caleb’s supervisor. He appreciates the quality education that aspiring Diesel Technicians receive at NCC. Mike said, “Town and Country Implement as a whole looks forward to working with NCC every year. From working with the diesel instructors on projects for the students, to supplying resources to help students be successful. The Town and Country Implement Technician Scholarship Program not only helps get students into the Diesel program and covers a large portion of the expense, but also helps us as a dealership gain technicians. Being a NCC Alumnus myself, I find this to be a very helpful asset to students pursuing their degree in the program. We are very excited to have Nicholas and Caleb on board with us. The NCC Diesel program does a great job with hands on experience, teaching organization while working on a project, expectations of a diesel shop and utilizing resources.
From start to finish of the diesel program, you can see the change in the student capabilities and that’s an important aspect in my book.”

Both Nicholas and Caleb hold a degree from NCC, have very little or no college debt and have a well-paid position at Town & Country Implement. These Diesel Alumni are a great example that it pays to take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities available in the Diesel Industry.

For more information about educational opportunities at NCC, either on campus or online, call 712-324-5061, 800-352-4907, or visit Northwest Iowa Community College – Your Success is Our Story!

Get to know Nicholas Abbas

Diesel Technology Alumnus ‘21

Ag Service Technician at Town & Country Implement, Rock Valley, IA

Hometown: Hawarden, IA

High School: Sioux Center High School, Class of 2019

Why did you choose to attend NCC’s Diesel Technology program?  NCC’s Diesel Technology program had a great reputation and I have always enjoyed hands-on work.

What is your favorite part about your job? When I finish a job and everything is working properly. I also enjoy the variety of jobs we are exposed to at Town & Country Implement.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? My main goal is to gain more experience with loaders and tractors.

At NCC, your success is our story. How do you feel NCC has helped you to be successful? Going through the Diesel Technology program at NCC helped to make me an asset and a great addition to the team of technicians here at Town & Country Implement.

Get to know Caleb Meyer

Diesel Technology Alumnus ‘21

Ag Service Technician at Town & Country Implement, Rock Valley, IA

Hometown: Doon, IA

High School: Trinity Christian Reformed High School, Class of 2019

Why did you choose to attend NCC’s Diesel Technology program?  NCC was close to home, which allowed me to save money by living at home. During high school, I worked on my uncle’s farm on combines and doing various service jobs, and I loved it.

What is your favorite part about your job?  I enjoy working on larger machinery. My favorite feeling is when I start the machine and there are no “squeaks” or “bumps” after fixing it.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?   I hope to have more knowledge and experience, and my goal is to be the “go to guy” for other technicians that have questions or need guidance on jobs.

At NCC, your success is our story. How do you feel NCC has helped you to be successful? I struggled with electronics and electrical systems, and going through Ken Kramer’s Heavy Duty Electrical Systems course helped me to understand and really grasp the electronic side of being a technician. All of the courses I took made me a well-rounded and better technician.

Photo: L-R: Nicholas Abbas, Caleb Meyer