NCC Hosts 7th Annual Engineering Expo

Northwest Iowa Community College hosted the seventh annual High School Engineering Expo Wednesday, May 1. The object of the NCC Engineering Expo was to promote engineering as an exciting field for young people and to assist high schools in providing STEM education outside of the classroom. The competition consisted of four phases: egg launch catapult/accuracy, egg launch catapult/distance, poster presentation, and a problem solving competition. Forty-eight students from northwest Iowa high schools participated in this daylong event.

Each of the teams conceptualized the design and built their catapults prior to the competition. The day of the Expo they set up their catapult in a designated launch area and launched raw eggs at a bull’s-eye target to test accuracy. Each team had three practice shots and five scored shots.

After the teams competed in the accuracy competition they had a distance competition to see whose catapult would throw an egg the farthest. This is held after the accuracy competition to make sure all the teams can push their catapults to their absolute limit and not have to worry about any damage to the catapult for their accuracy challenge.

The students also needed to create a poster that included the calculations of predicted distances of the catapulted egg, documentation of the design process, and a list of materials used. The poster needed to be visually attractive and demonstrate the group’s understanding of the engineering principles involved.

The students in the problem solving competition had 20 minutes to create an apparatus with various supplies that would safely hold an egg that was dropped from a boom truck 30 feet above a target. The team closest to the center of the target received 30 points. The team would remove the egg from the apparatus and check for cracks and would receive 20 points for no cracks. The maximum number of points for this portion of the competition was 50 points.

Thank you to all of our sponsors who make this event a success:

  • Rosenboom
  • Maintainer
  • Link Manufacturing
  • Interstates

2019 Winners:

  1. Rock Valley – Contagious Intelligence
  2. Western Christian – White
  3. Western Christian – Maroon


  1. HMS Physics
  2. Sioux Center – Warriors
  3. Western Christian – White

Most Bull’s Eyes: HMS Physics (1 bull’s eye)

  1. Sioux Center – Warriors
  2. HMS Physics
  3. HMS Hawks

Problem Solving:

  1. Western Christian – White
  2. Central Lyon
  3. Sioux Center – Warriors


  1. Western Christian – White
  2. Sioux Center – Warriors
  3. HMS Physics

Central Lyon
McKale Daniels, Andrew DeNoble, Devin Miller, Taeron Olson, Zach Springer, Ben Van Aartsen, Tanner Vanden Top, Ian Wells                              Advisor: Bill Allen

Cherokee – Funk Town Viking Men
Thad Booth, Yesenia Fajardo, Dylan Hamilton, Jacque Lopez, Nicole McLaughlin, Kassidy Pingel, Ashlynn Samsel, Treighton Schubert, Payton Slaughter
Advisor: James De Vos

 HMS Hawks: Dalen Peters, Reece Petersen, Lucas Sindt, Easton Thorn, Pierce Van Sloten
Advisor: Isaac Skalsky

HMS Physics: Joseph Ahlers, Jesse Castillo, Jonathan Diaz, Samantha LeClair, Harvey Vargas
Advisor: Russ Spier

Rock Valley – Contagious Intelligence: Jordan Block, Emily De Ruyter, Carter Schwanke, Keely Swanson, Kaylee Vande Hoef, Jada White
Advisor: Heather Rosewall

Sioux Center – Warriors: James Dean, Ty Hulshof, Ben Lentell, Caden Plasier, Zach Rozeboom
Advisor: John Doornenbal

Western Christian – Maroon: Alex Harthorn, Chandler Schemper, Jonathan Slice, Kyler Statema, Brendan Tiedeman
Advisor: Shawn Destigter

Western Christian – White: Chase Alexander, Jacob Marshall, Clay Van Tol Parker Vis, Kayla Zevenbergen
Advisor: Shawn Destigter