NCC Hosts MidAmerican Energy Company

Leaders from MidAmerican Energy Company joined administrators, faculty, and Powerline Program students on campus Wednesday, January 26 for a day of conversations about the powerline profession, MidAmerican training needs, and to answer any questions current Powerline program students have about the industry or potential employment options with MidAmerican.

Jeff Treinen, West Regional Director; Wayne Stangl, Special Project Manager; and Lee Van Kley, Lineman, gave attendees a synopsis of some recent changes to their hiring strategies at MidAmerican Energy Company. MidAmerican now requires a successful applicant to have graduated from an accredited college powerline training program. They will not consider an applicant that doesn’t have this formal training.

Stangl said, “We want to focus on growing our craft – the powerline profession. We want colleges to train for the skills needed, so the new hires can hit the ground running with a certain level of proficiency. We have accelerated our apprenticeship program from 4 to 2 years based on the model that new hires have a basic knowledge from their college education. Because of this new hiring model we will not accept just prior field experience – they need a degree so we are sure of what they know. We also want to grow from within the company giving our employees the chance to apply for different jobs within the company – whether that is a relocation to a preferred region of the country, or professional advancement within the company.”

Bryce Anderson, Powerline Instructor, said, “The Powerline Program instructors were very excited to have MidAmerican on campus to talk with the upcoming graduates. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them and providing training for their future apprentices.”

After meetings with administration and Powerline faculty the afternoon concluded with the MidAmerican representatives answering numerous questions from the Powerline program students.

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Photo: MidAmerican 1: (L-R): John Hartog, NCC President; Jeff Soole, NCC Powerline Instructor; Bryce Anderson, NCC Powerline Instructor; Milet Kracht, NCC Powerline Instructor; Aaron Dvorak, NCC Powerline Instructor; Wayne Stangl, MidAmerican Special Project Manager; Lee Van Kley, MidAmerican Lineman; Erin Latona, NCC Executive Dean of Student and Academic Services; Jeff Treinen, MidAmerican West Regional Director.