NCC Invites You to Nominate an Alum

Northwest Iowa Community College is seeking nominations for the 2023 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year. If you know of an NCC Alum who has done outstanding work in his or her industry, has done exceptional volunteer work, received a prestigious award or obtained some other notable achievement, we invite you to nominate this individual.  Accomplishments can be of a personal or professional nature. Nominate a friend, a
co-worker, a family member or even yourself by visiting and filling out the Alumnus of the Year nomination form. NCC employees are not eligible for consideration.  All nominations must be received by March 3, 2023. This outstanding alumnus will be recognized during one of NCC’s 2023 Commencement Ceremonies.


Past recipients include:

2022- Matt Mitchell                          2007- Loren Vogel

2020/2021- Andy Jacobs                2006- Daniel Tracy

2019- David Taylor                          2005- Roberta Snow

2018- John Dvorak                          2004- Ken Van Oort

2017- David Miller                            2003- Gary Rosenboom

2016- Art Van Bruggen                   2002- Polly Schau

2015- Angie Shilling                        2001- Mark Malenke

2014- Nancy McDowell                  2000- Richard Rikkers

2013- Drew Fish                              1999- Bonnie Huygens

2012- Dave Popkes                         1998- Doug Von Arb

2011- Adam Besaw                         1997- Dave Westra

2010- Rich Morgan                          1996- Lary Rosenboom

2009- Mark Nilles                            1995- Les Burggraaf

2008- Ron Damstra                         1994- Mark Nibaur

1993- Dennis Janssen