NCC NW Iowa Fine Arts Show Winners

Northwest Iowa Community College hosted the NW Iowa Fine Arts Show April 26-April 30, 2021 for both NCC and northwest Iowa high school students. First, second, and third place awards were given in each category, with honorable mentions awarded at the judge’s discretion. Individual Media Awards were given by the high school art teachers. Two overall awards were also given: A Best of Show award, chosen by art teachers, and a Students’ Choice award, as voted on by participating art students.

College Winners:
1st        Janessa Klyn Sheldon                      Grotto Falls
2nd        Emily Kantor Sheldon                         Braiding Hair
3rd        Janessa Klyn – Sheldon                            Revolving  

Photography/Digital Media
1st        Catherine KooikerSheldon                Ice Dragon
2nd       Kat Ramsland – Duluth, MN                Imp Card
3rd       Emily Kantor Sheldon                       Mom’s Things

1st        Juli Duden Hospers               Origami Plate
2nd       Andrew Furst Garner               Untitled
3rd       Rebecca Yocum – Sheldon      Head Sculpture

High School Winners:
1st        Otto Reyna Yoc – MOC-Floyd Valley           Sunlit Pond
2nd       Ty Hulshof – Sioux Center                             Augmented Reality
3rd       Cadance De Jong – MOC-Floyd Valley         Blind Beauty

Painting – Honorable Mention

  • Olivia Hulstein – Western Christian Best Friend
  • Deziree Heronemus – Rock Valley         The Library
  • Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley Terror – Fled

1st        Gerardi Vieyra – Sheldon                                     Sushi
2nd       Amy Garcia Granillo – Sioux Center                  Healing
3rd       Mya Riddle – Sheldon                             Life and Death

Sculpture/Ceramics – Honorable Mention

  • McKenzie Puhrman – South O’Brien   After the Kill
  • Dylan Mouw – Sheldon                                     Breakfast
  • Carlie Visser – Sheldon                         Lunch with Melanie Martinez

1st        Sphresime Iafoskie – Sheldon                Bubbles
2nd       Katie Kensak – MOC-Floyd Valley     Unraveling
3rd          Mehki Armstrong – MMC-RU                         Red Paint

Drawing – Honorable Mention

  • Sierra Peterson – MOC-Floyd Valley   Heart Connection
  • Sphresime Iafoski – Sheldon           The Idiot with the Painted Face
  • Katie Kensak – MOC-Floyd Valley       Gripping
  • Grace Harper – MOC-Floyd Valley   Unhinged Breakdown

Mixed Media
1st        Chloe Gergen – South O’Brien            Untitled
2nd       Jessica Mohn – Sheldon                      From the Heart
3rd          Olivia Ortken – MOC-Floyd Valley       Death Toll

1st        Maison Oostra – Sheldon                     Untitled (Heroes)
2nd       Alexis Roeder – MOC-Floyd Valley        Across the Pane
3rd            Maison Oostra – Sheldon                        Sheldon Fire Station

Students’ Choice Award
Ty Hulshof – Sioux Center                            Augmented Reality

Best in Show
Ty Hulshof – Sioux Center                          Augmented Reality

INDIVIDUAL MEDIA AWARD WINNERS – Chosen by the High School Art Teachers

Ceramics, Decorative
1st        Lourdes R. – Sioux Center                      Azucar
2nd       Mia G. – Sioux Center                       Marine Crustacean
3rd          Hayden Case – South O’Brien             Stolen Treasure

Ceramics, Functional
1st        Ramiro – Sioux Center                       Blue Pitcher
2nd       Lauren L. – Central Lyon                       Clock
3rd          Josh R. – Central Lyon                     Wheel Vase

Digital Media
1st        Tage C. – Sioux Center                        Portrait #2
2nd       Karsyn A. – Central Lyon                 Screwdriver
3rd         Matthew L. – Central Lyon             1-Point Perspective

1st        Alexis Roeder – MOC-Floyd Valley    Across the Pane

Drawing – Charcoal
1st        Katie Kensak – MOC-Floyd Valley         Gripping
2nd       Sierra Peterson – MOC-Floyd Valley      Heart Connection
3rd          Grace Harper – MOC-Floyd Valley        Unhinged Breakdown
3rd          Sierra Peterson – MOC-Floyd Valley     Our Heroes

Drawing – Colored Pencil
1st        Chris – Sioux Center                            Shoes
2nd       Thayden Fisher – Boyden-Hull       Julius Caesar
3rd          Wyatt Harper – South O’Brien      Funky Tunnels

Drawing – Graphite
1st        Eliora E. – Central Lyon                      Still Life
2nd       Katie Kensak – MOC-Floyd Valley      Unraveled
2nd         Carma VO. – Central Lyon                King of the Jungle

Drawing – Ink/Marker
1st           Mehki Armstrong – MMC-RU                         Red Paint

Drawing – Other
1st        Maddie R. – Central Lyon                Scratch Art (Owl)
2nd       Adam Rodriquez – MOC-Floyd Valley   The Bird
3rd          Cooper S. – Central Lyon                Scratch Art (Zebra)

Drawing – Pastel
1st        Shanna Ruden – MOC-Floyd Valley               Apple
1st        Ciana Van Donkelaar – MOC-Floyd Valley   Wilbur

Painting – Acrylic
1st        Ty Hulshof – Sioux Center                     Augmented Reality
1st        Otto Reyna Yoc – MOC-Floyd Valley   Sunlit Pond
3rd          Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley       Terror-fied

Painting – Watercolor
1st        Brooklyn Leusink. – MOC-Floyd Valley   Fluttering in the Garden
3rd        Shaylawn – Sioux Center                       Untitled
3rd          Aria Rensink – Boyden-Hull                     Vibez

Painting – Other
1st        Azenethe Reyes – Sioux Center           Untitled
2nd       Betsy – Sioux Center                        New Beginnings

2D Media
1st        Chloe Gergen – South O’Brien            Flyaway
2nd       Olivia Oetken – MOC-Floyd Valley       Death Toll
3rd          Caleb S. – Sioux Center                         Bob Ross  

3D Media
1st        Madison Barringer – Sibley-Ocheyedan   Open Up a Nightmare
2nd       Abby Arnett – MOC-Floyd Valley           Transparent
3rd          Tattiana Merino – MMC-RU                   Sunflower 

The ten northwest Iowa high schools who participated are: Boyden-Hull, Central Lyon,
MMC-RU, MOC-Floyd Valley, Rock Valley, Sheldon, Sibley-Ocheyedan, Sioux Center, South O’Brien, Western Christian.