NCC President Dr. John Hartog III Receives Prestigious Award

Dr. John Hartog III, the President of Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC), has been honored with the “Pacesetter of the Year” award at the District 5 National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) Conference, held from October 4-6 in St. Louis, Missouri.

The “Pacesetter of the Year” is a significant award, given to a community college president or CEO who shows exceptional leadership and support in communications and marketing. Dr. Hartog was nominated for this honor by members of NCC’s Marketing Department, including Kristin Kollbaum, Director of Marketing & Communications, and Lori Richards, Creative Services Coordinator.

The nomination for Dr. Hartog included answers to critical questions that highlight the values and impact of a true pacesetter in education:

  1. Advancing the Institution: Dr. Hartog’s innovative strategies have significantly elevated NCC’s profile and advanced its mission both locally and regionally.
  2. Regional and National Influence: His efforts have contributed to the broader community college network, enhancing their visibility and impact on the national stage.
  3. PR Principles and Local Support: Dr. Hartog has consistently applied sound public relations principles, significantly boosting NCC’s marketing efforts and enhancing its local presence.
  4. Community Support: Under his leadership, NCC has seen increased community support, reflecting his success in building strong local partnerships.
  5. NCMPR Support: Dr. Hartog has actively supported NCMPR’s mission, contributing to the organization’s growth and effectiveness.

Lori Richards stated, “Dr. Hartog has been a supportive collaborator and leader in ensuring NCC’s strategies highlight a true commitment to student success. We are proud of our students and Dr. Hartog’s support helps ensure their stories are important and shared.”

This award is part of the NCMPR Conference, where marketing and communication professionals from community colleges gather to share ideas and celebrate achievements. District 5, which NCC is a part of, includes colleges from various regions, including Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Recipients of this district award automatically qualify for the national award which will be given out at the national NCMPR conference to be held in Seattle, WA in March 2024.

Dr. Hartog expressed his gratitude: “This award is a testament to our collective commitment to excellence in communication and community engagement.  It reflects the great effort of all of our College’s employees. Together we work hard to provide education, and we do everything we can to open doors of opportunity for our students, graduates, and industry partners. We love to tell our story, and northwest Iowans love to hear about their beloved Community College.  I am fortunate to work with such a great Team of people, and I am grateful that together we can share in this recognition.”

Note on Award Acceptance: Due to prior commitments, Dr. Hartog was unable to attend the awards ceremony in person. However, he recorded a heartfelt video message expressing his gratitude, which was presented at the ceremony. Dr. Hartog will officially accept the award at an upcoming NCC Board of Directors meeting, where he will share this honor with the college community and colleagues who have supported him throughout his journey.