NCC Ranks 2nd for Career Outcomes and 3rd for Best Overall Community College

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) is thrilled to announce its exceptional ranking in the 2023 Best & Worst Community Colleges in the Nation report by In this year’s assessment, NCC has secured an outstanding 2nd place ranking for Career Outcomes and received a 3rd place ranking for Best Overall Community College among more than 650 institutions evaluated. This remarkable recognition marks the third consecutive year NCC has excelled on WalletHub’s national ranking.’s study was driven by the objective of providing students with higher education opportunities that are both affordable and rewarding. During the 2022 to 2023 academic year, community colleges stood out for their ability to offer quality education without imposing the financial strain associated with four-year institutions. The report underscores that tuition and fees for full-time, in-state enrollment at a public two-year college averaged $3,860 annually, compared to $10,950 at a public four-year institution and a significant $39,400 at a four-year private school. Community colleges also provide a financially viable path for students aiming to earn general-education credits before transferring to an in-state public four-year university, potentially saving substantial sums. evaluated community colleges using a comprehensive dataset comprising 19 key indicators spanning cost and quality metrics. This encompassed factors such as in-state tuition and fees, student-faculty ratios, and graduation rates. The study employed three pivotal dimensions in the assessment: Cost & Financing, Education Outcomes, and Career Outcomes. These dimensions were constructed using a total of 19 metrics, each meticulously selected to reflect the respective category.

NCC’s Impressive Rankings:

Best Community Colleges by Career Outcomes:

  1. Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
  2. Northwest Iowa Community College
  3. Columbia George Community College
  4. State Technical College of Missouri
  5. Manhattan Area Technical College

Best Overall Community Colleges:

  1. State Technical College of Missouri
  2. Manhattan Area Technical College
  3. Northwest Iowa Community College
  4. Mt Hood Community College
  5. Manhattan Area Technical College

A fascinating aspect of this year’s rankings is the connection between NCC and the #1 ranked institution, State Technical College of Missouri. The President of the top-ranked institution is an alumnus of NCC, showcasing the impactful educational journey facilitated by NCC’s dedicated staff and comprehensive programs. Here is a link to a story that was featured in NCC’s The Connection magazine in 2017. His picture and story start on page 12.

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