NCC Receives Lyon County Riverboat Foundation Grant

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) has been able to enhance trauma education for Emergency Medical Service and Nursing students through a grant for the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation.

The $3,000 mini-grant allowed the purchase of casualty simulation kit, simulated amputated arm and leg and Stop the Bleed Training Kit. Combined these tools will enable NCC to strengthen trauma training opportunities available to local EMS teams and students enrolled in the nursing, emergency medical technician and paramedic programs.

The grant provides an opportunity for EMT, paramedic and nursing students to participate in lifelike simulations of various trauma emergencies such as amputated limbs, gunshots, stab wounds and other major trauma incidents. While not common it is imperative first responders and nurses know how to confidently and safely treat the injury and save lives.

“Many students will not see traumas like this during their nursing school clinical or preceptorship. Exposure to the limbs in the classroom will deepen student’s knowledge, allow for hands-on practice and prepare students for the real world of trauma care,” said nursing instructor, Laura De Kruyf.

The new simulation equipment has been incorporated in to the curriculum of the aforementioned programs.

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