NCC Recognizes Board of Trustee Members

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) is joining with other communities throughout Iowa to honor its elected school board members during Iowa School Board Recognition Month. This year’s theme, “Developing Iowa’s Future Together” pays tribute to the incredible work of these unpaid volunteers and the significant impact they have on Iowa public education. We recognize that school board members are providing leadership, through responsibilities ranging from strong financial stewardship to ensuring high-quality curriculum, so that all students can prepare for a brighter future after they graduate.

Trustees Serving on the NCC Board:

District 1: Cynthia Porter – Hawarden, IA

District 2: Stephen Simons – Larchwood, IA

District 3: Dr. Loretta Berkland – Sibley, IA

District 4: Steve Loshman – Calumet, IA

District 5: Adam Besaw – Sheldon, IA, President

District 6: Leroy Van Kekerix – Orange City, IA

District 7: Larry Hoekstra – Hull, IA, Vice President

“The Trustees of Northwest Iowa Community College are knowledgeable, experienced, and committed individuals who provide broad strategic oversight of the College. They take the long-term view so that NCC provides northwest Iowans with a quality education that is both affordable and accessible. In short, they make sure that NCC stays on mission,” said Dr. John Hartog, NCC President.

Hartog continued, “As elected leaders, our Board Members represent the educational, industry, and community priorities of our region.  They are local citizens guaranteeing local control of the Community College.  These women and men volunteer countless hours, and too often their work as Board Members goes unrecognized.  It is fitting, therefore, for the people of northwest Iowa to honor our Trustees and to thank them for their faithful service.  Even though May is the specially designated month during which we show our appreciation for our College Board Members, we acknowledge that their work is a year-round endeavor, and we are exceedingly grateful.”

Each of Iowa’s 15 two-year community colleges are governed by five to nine board members elected by local residents throughout the state.

Photo: (L-R): Front: Steve Loshman, Loretta Berkland, VMD, Cynthia Porter, Larry Hoekstra

Back: Stephen Simons, Leroy Van Kekerix, Adam Besaw