NCC Sports Shooting Team Competes at Iowa SCTP Collegiate Championships

The NCC Thunder Sports Shooting Team competed at the Iowa SCTP Collegiate  Championships in Waukee, IA on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

NCC got 7th overall in Trap (out of 16 two and four-year colleges) and 8th overall in Sporting Clays (out of 13 two and four-year colleges).

In the ICCAC Conference Championships, NCC took home 6th in the Trap discipline and 5th in the Sporting Clays discipline.Head Coach Brian Lauck said, “It was another cold and windy day at the range, but our student-athletes persevered. We really enjoyed the competition and seeing athletes and teams from across the state of Iowa. Corwin Moser and Dalton Popkes had standout days for us – I’m proud of all our student-athletes’ hard work this year!”

The top 5 scores for NCC student-athletes in the Trap competition:

Skyler Mullinix – 88

Corwin Moser – 87

Mykah DeHoogh – 86

Dalton Popkes – 84

Trenton Van’t Hul – 84a

The top 3 scores for NCC student-athletes in the Sporting Clays competition:

Corwin Moser – 55

Matthew Zieser – 52

Dalton Popkes – 47

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