NCC Sports Shooting Team Competes at Iowa SCTP Collegiate Championships

The NCC Thunder Sports Shooting Team competed at the Iowa SCTP Collegiate Skeet and Sporting Clays Championships in Oskaloosa, IA on Friday-Saturday, April 9-10, 2021 against 12 collegiate sports shooting teams.

The top 3 scores for NCC student-athletes in the Skeet competition:

  1. Levi Hemmelrick, Akron, IA – 81
  2. Sam Freitag, Hawkeye, IA – 79
  3. Caden Berte, Bancroft, IA – 72

Coach Brian Lauck said, “Levi was doing great going into the last round, and had the team’s high score with 81. The squad of Levi, Sam, and Caden placed 11th in the Skeet competition.”

On Saturday, April 10 the NCC Thunder Sports Shooting Team competed in the Sporting Clays portion of the competition.

The top 3 scores for NCC student-athletes in the Sporting Clays competition:

  1. Sam Freitag, Hawkeye, IA – 64
  2. Caden Berte, Bancroft, IA – 63
  3. Levi Hemmelrick, Akron, IA – 62

Coach Brian Lauck said, “On a wet and cold day, the squad of Sam, Caden and Levi placed 10th in sporting clays.” He concluded, “Despite a cold, wet weekend our student-athletes said that they enjoyed the competitions and their weekend together, doing something they love.”

Upcoming NCC Thunder Sports Shooting Events

April 17 – SCTP Collegiate State Trap Championships in Ackley, IA

April 24 – The NCC Thunder Sports Shooting Team will be supporting the Rock Valley Clay Crushers during their youth and high school competition at the Rock Valley Gun Club.

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For more information contact Brian Lauck, Head Sports Shooting Coach at NCC – Your Success is Our Story!