NCC to Join Collegiate Sports Realm with Sports Shooting

Northwest Iowa Community College is starting its first ever collegiate sports team — a Sports Shooting team. Beginning in the spring of 2019 twelve students have started to practice and are eagerly awaiting the start to their competitive season. NCC will have an unlimited roster, but plans to take the students with the top 5 shooting scores to the Iowa State Trap Collegiate Championships in Ackley, Iowa at the end of April.

NCC will compete in the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference (ICCAC) and are a Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP). NCC officials will be part of the scheduling meeting for the ICCAC this summer to schedule head-to-head competitions for next year. Typically, the ICCAC schedules a fall season (September, October, and November) and a spring season (March, April). NCC plans to compete in a highly competitive schedule against collegiate shooters from ICCAC, NJCAA, NCAA, and NAIA schools.

NCC’s Shooting Team will be a coed team. All team members with disabilities and able-bodied students compete as equals in Sports Shooting. At the competitions the team competition combines the scores of the 5 member team for an overall team competition score. The athletes also compete with their individual scores for placements in the individual scoring competitions. ​

Safety is very important to NCC staff and faculty and it is taken very seriously with the participants of the Sports Shooting team.  All the athletes are required to attend a safety meeting before they participate in any practices. Students are instructed on best practices for proper gun handling and loading and follow all SCTP rules and regulations. For instance, all guns are to be unloaded and open whenever athletes are not in the act of calling for a target. They are also instructed on what to do in cases of malfunctions etc. NCC has a secure offsite location to store students’ firearms. The campus’ “no weapons” policy continues to be in effect.

The team will practice at the shooting range located outside of Ocheyedan. The same gun range used by the Sibley-Ocheyedan High School Sports Shooting Team. Students’ time commitment will be to attend practice 1-2 days/week with weekend competitions. Brian Lauck, NCC Head Sports Shooting Coach, explained, “The minimum commitment from the students is attending practice. Like other sports, if they want to increase their odds at being successful they will want to spend time in the gym and practice their mental game.” Coach Lauck, explained, “This sport, like others, requires a great deal of athleticism. The better shape the athlete is in, the less likely of experiencing fatigue while shooting, which decreases the athletes’ ability to break targets. Lifting weights and running will improve an athlete’s ability to make shots and improve scores. Hand-eye coordination and concentration is also critical to success. Add it all up and it takes a good athlete to compete.” Lauck continued, “Shooting sports are also a mental game. Competing at a station while many watch can rattle the nerves of any athlete. Learning to control their mind and emotions so they are competitive will help all the athletes in other sports and their future careers.”

Sports Shooting is the fastest growing sport in the state of Iowa — in the nation, in fact. Locally, our high school sports shooting teams are growing by leaps and bounds. Just last year, high school teams in the northwest quadrant of Iowa had 447 participants (north of Highway 20, West of I-35). There are at least 5 registered high school sports shooting teams within NCC’s 4 ½ county area of service.

Greta Giese, Coordinator of the Lifelong Learning & Recreation Center, was part of the NCC committee who researched the possibility of starting a sports shooting team. Giese commented, “NCC sees an opportunity for enrollment growth in Sports Shooting — the research we’ve been conducting for several years on the addition of athletics at NCC is a result of strategic enrollment planning. Our research tells us that Sports Shooting is growing in popularity, appeals to a wide range of students, and we have a great network of local support in high school teams and coaches, enthusiasts, and local Sportsman Clubs (Osceola County Sportsman Club, O’Brien County Sportsman Club). Sports Shooting is a great first sport team to have at NCC, because the sport has a lot of local interest, support, and growth.”

In addition to the research NCC employees conducted, a handful of current NCC students came forward last fall and specifically asked if NCC would start a sports shooting team. The students were important members of the committee, who also included other outside experts, who ultimately helped NCC employees research the feasibility of starting a team. The students have also been enthusiastic recruiters for NCC’s first team/first season. One of the students involved in the planning committee was the 2018 Iowa High School State Trapshoot champion (Evan Ingalls, Algona).

NCC is currently recruiting students for the 2019-2020 Sport Shooting season. Coach Lauck said, “We are interested in talking with high school students who were active in their high school sports shooting team and are interested in continuing to compete while furthering their education. At this time there are not scholarships available, but the participants’ ammo, targets, and range fees are paid by the College — so many of them perceive this as almost like a scholarship.

If you are interested in joining the fastest growing sport in the nation, with over 3,000+ sports shooting participants just in the state of Iowa, consider NCC’s Sports Shooting Team. For more information contact Brian Lauck, Head Sports Shooting Coach at

Brian Lauck started as Northwest Iowa Community College’s Collegiate Sports Shooting Coach in March 2019. Lauck founded Cherokee County Youth Shooting Sports in 2014 and has served as their head coach for the past 5 years. Lauck is the Youth Coordinator for Cherokee County Pheasants Forever, a Hunter Education instructor, NRA certified Shotgun Coach and 4H Rifle Coach. He is also an experienced gunsmith and gunfitter.

FirstName LastName Hometown State Program of Study
Evan Ingalls Bancroft Iowa Industrial & Commercial Wiring
Cody Frodermann Fulda Minnesota Industrial & Commercial Wiring
Michael Glasscock Keokuk Iowa Industrial & Commercial Wiring
Nolan Jergenson Algona Iowa Industrial & Commercial Wiring
Jace Werderitsch Iowa City Iowa Heavy Equipment
Cade Westervelt Gretna Nebraska Industrial Instrumentation & Control
Jeremy Williams Pocohontas Iowa Industrial & Commercial Wiring
Dylan Wunschel Arther Iowa Industrial & Commercial Wiring
Dalton Lullmann Storm Lake Iowa Industrial & Commercial Wiring
Austin Chase Algona Iowa Industrial & Commercial Wiring
Katitlyn Bechler Sibley Iowa Nursing
Levi Henrichs Sibley Iowa Associate of Arts

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