NCC Hosts Successful High School Career and Technical Education Fair

NCC was the proud host of the Northwest Iowa Career and Technical Education (CTE) Fair, an exciting event dedicated to showcasing the talents and projects of students from northwest area high schools.

The CTE Fair provided an excellent opportunity for about 200 registered high school students to display their creativity and technical skills. Students had the chance to compete in a variety of engaging competitions such as the Nail Pound, Welding, Drill Drive, Anvil Toss, and the highly anticipated Junk Yard Wars. The Junk Yard Wars challenge required students to design and build vehicles using repurposed materials, pushing their engineering and problem-solving skills to the limit.

“The CTE Fair highlights the incredible talents and potential of our area high school students,” said Shane Peterson, NCC Dean of Applied Technology. “Showcasing their work to parents, businesses, and other students is a significant benefit. Additionally, the fair and the preparation for it provide valuable career exploration opportunities. It’s inspiring to see their dedication and innovation, and events like these truly underscore the importance of hands-on learning and technical education.”

Among the participants was Teagan Butler, a sophomore from Woodbury Central High School, who shared his experience. “I participated in the contest ‘What Can You Make with a 2×4 Stud.’ It’s been a lot of fun. I really liked figuring out what to do, how to do it, and then actually building it. I am exploring the career fields of Mechanical Engineering or Drafting/Design,” said Butler.

“The CTE Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to shine and demonstrate their hard-earned skills,” said Allie Unrau, NCC’s Work-Based Learning Coordinator. “It’s a fun, competitive environment where students can learn something new, exhibit their talents, and be recognized for their innovative efforts.”

NCC extends its gratitude to all the students, teachers, and sponsors who contributed to making the CTE Fair a resounding success. The event not only celebrated the hard work and creativity of the students but also inspired many to explore future career paths in career and technical fields.


Results include:

Division A1- Cabinet & Furniture making projects- Erica Metzger West Lyon, Eathan Outler Rock Valley, Gage Blauwet West Lyon.
Division A2 – Cabinet & Furniture making Projects- Quintan Wittrock Rock Valley, Carter Padavich Rock Valley, Tyler Friedrichsen Rock Valley.

Division A3 – Cabinet & Furniture making projects- Joseph Gettsch Rock Valley, Wyatt Ehrp Rock Valley, Gavin Shehr Rock Valley.
Division B1 – Lathe Projects- Liam Metzger West Lyon, Nick Adams Lawton Bronson, Tayton Knoblock West Lyon.

Division B2 – Lathe Projects – Kade Wright Rock Valley

Division C2 – Metal Welding Projects- Ryan Klarenbeck West lyon, Celab Hagen / Bo Bloger Rock Valley, Odin Hansen Rock Valley

Division C3 – Metal Welding Projects- Jackson Ver Meer West Lyon, Hayven Hollingshead West Lyon

Division D1 – Drafting-Mechanical Board Drawing Only- Logan Kanfam Manson Northwest Webster, Max Korte Manson Northwest Webster, Paige Lahrs Lawton Bronson

Division F1 – CAD-Mechanical Drafting Only, Lizete Hartado Ortiz Manson Northwest Webster, Cody Jondle Manson Northwest Webster, Justin Metzger Manson Northwest Webster

Division G – Furniture Restoration Aden Nelson Manson Northwest Webster

Division I1– Cutting Boards- Nick Adams Lawton Bronson, Gage Martin Rock Valley, Gage Martin Rock Valley

Division J1 – Crafts- Jaci Stubbe / Chloe Knoblock West Lyon

Division J2 – Crafts- Cody Wunschel Rock Valley

Division P2 – Manufacturing – Plasma- Ty Kammrad West Lyon, Jack Carolyn West Lyon

Division P3 – Manufacturing – Router- Shaylyn Van Veldhuizen West Lyon, Nick Adams Lawton Bronson, Max Klein Lawton Bronson

Division P4 – Manufacturing – 3D Printing- Hope DeRaad Lawton Bronson, Hope DeRaad Lawton Bronson, Paige Lahrs Lawton Bronson

Division P5 – Manufacturing – Metal Lathe / Mill- Leo Avgueta West Lyon

Division Q1 – 2×4 Challenge- Ethan Thompson Woodbury Central, Sean Z Woodbury Central, Devin Woodbury Central

Division S2 – Cake Decorating- Aden Markort Manson Northwest Webster

Anvil Toss– Furthest throw of 9# Anvil- Laurens Vander Waal Netherlands Reformed Christian School 61′-6″, Jacob Rozenboom Netherlands Reformed Christian School 59′-8″, Hayden Zant Lawton Bronson 55′-10″

JYW Race– Best time / performance (teams)- Netherlands Reformed Team1 93 laps, Netherlands Reformed Team 92 laps, West Lyon Team 24 / West Lyon Team 100 72 laps

JYW Best Engineering- Best use of materialsJYW Race Vehicle West Lyon Team 46263

Overall Best of Show- (all categories)- Quintan Wittrock Rock Valley

Overall Runner Up- (all categories)- Jackson Ver Meer West Lyon

Best of Show- Beginner / 1st Year- Erica Metzger West Lyon

Best of Show – Drafting- Lizete Hartado Ortiz Manson Northwest Webster

Best of Show – ManufacturingShaylyn Van Veldhuizen West Lyon

Best of Show – Welding / MetalsJackson Ver Meer West Lyon

BEST OF SHOW OVERALL FCS- Aden Markort Manson Northwest Webster




Schools Participating:


Woodbury Central

Netherlands Reformed Christian School


Manson Northwest Webster


Rock Valley

West Lyon


Odebolt–Arthur–Battle Creek–Ida Grove


Truck Simulation

Flag Entry