NCC ICCAC Sport Shooting State Championship Competition Results

On Saturday, Oct. 21 Northwest Iowa Community College’s Thunder Sports Shooting team traveled to Waukee, Iowa for the ICCAC State Championship Competition. Krayton Shever led the team with a score of 95 and shooting 50 straight. Micah Van Middendorp also shot well with a 95.

“We were thankful to finally have good weather for a state shoot, but the birds were challenging to see with orange targets and an orange Fall leaf background – many athletes struggled with the combination,” said Head Coach Brian Lauck.. Coach Lauck went on, “our student-athletes came together and embraced the situation helping each other to overcome – allowing many of them to shoot their new personal bests. It was a great season, and we will begin working on next season tomorrow in the classroom on the mental side, in the gym for strength, and on the range to test new methods.”

“We’ve had a great season, and today we were only ten birds away from a podium finish. Thank you to our families and everyone else who’s supported us this season,” said Assistant Coach DJ Van’t Hul.

NCC Top Squad

  1. Krayton Shever 95 (tied for 7th in the state)
  2. Micah Van Middendorp 95 (tied for 7th in the state)
  3. Chase Backer 94 (15th in the state)
  4. Carson Vander Wiede 90
  5. Maximus Jones 89


ICCAC State Championship Results

  1. Hawkeye 497
  2. Southeastern 477
  3. Iowa Western 473
  4. Iowa Central 471
  5. NCC 463
  6. Northeast Iowa CC 451
  7. Indian Hills 450
  8. Iowa Lakes 420
  9. Kirkwood 374
  10. Southwestern CC 295
  11. Ellsworth 264If you are interested in joining the fastest growing sport in the nation, with over 3,000+ sports shooting participants just in the state of Iowa, consider NCC’s Sports Shooting Team.

For more information contact Brian Lauck, Head Sports Shooting Coach at NCC – Your Success is Our Story!