Northwest Iowa Community College NW Iowa Visual Arts Show Winners

Northwest Iowa Community College hosted the NW Iowa Visual Arts Show April 24-27, 2023 for both NCC and northwest Iowa high school students. On Thursday, April 27, all students participating in the show were invited to the Visual Arts Invitational and Awards Ceremony.
First, second, and third place awards were given in each category, with honorable mentions awarded at the judge’s discretion. An overall award was also given: A Best in Show award, chosen by the high school art teachers.

College Winners:
1st       Mary Grace Cedeno – Spencer     BTS-KPOP  
2nd       Jenna Meines – Alton                  Trippy Frog
3rd        Mary Grace Cedeno – Spencer   Conceptualized Asian/Caucasian

1st        Haylel Alemenh – Harrisonburg, VA  Illuminate    
       Mekhi Armstrong – Le Mars           Tetrachromacy
3rd       Mekhi Armstrong – Le Mars               Super Fly

Mykah De Hoogh – Sheldon            Geometric Coil Vase
2nd    Ethan Mouw, Sheldon                           Handled Jar
3rd       Mykah De Hoogh, Sheldon                   Small Bowl

High School Winners:
Individual Media Awards

Ceramics – Decorative
1st        Chloe Gergen – South O’Brien Majestic Ruler
2nd    Tied listed in no specific order

  1. Brooklyn Joines – South O’Brien            Italian Night
  2. Grace Nasers – Sibley-Ocheyedan Take Out
  3. Adeline Ditsworth – Central Lyon   Animated House
  4. Katelyn Grady – Sheldon                        Breakfast

Ceramics – Functional

1st        Makenna Sloan – MOC-Floyd Valley  Plant Pants
2nd       Sylvia Decker – Sheldon                     Tea Set
3rd          Jadyn Nelson – Le Mars                     Koi Fish

Digital Media
1st Tied listed in no specific order

  1. Akoya Cabanas – Sheldon                 Halloween Date
  2. Tucker McCabe Nuckols – Sheldon     Ferocious

2nd Tied listed in no specific order

  1. Michael Strehlow – Sheldon             Ready or Not
  2.  Tucker McCabe Nuckols – Sheldon    Cerunnos


1st        Elise Blau – Rock Valley                    Sunset & Flowers
2nd       Barbie De Lachica – Rock Valley        Dreaming Fields    
3rd            Akoya Cabanas – Sheldon                Magical

– Charcoal
1st       Belen Soto – MOC-Floyd Valley           Leap Frog
2nd       Tied listed in no specific order

  1. Linda Lopez – MOC-Floyd Valley        The Lion
  2. Avery Bunkers – MOC-Floyd Valley    Of the Same Family

Drawing – Colored Pencil
1st        Sarah Diekevers – MOC-Floyd Valley   Iron Man
2nd       Aubrey Croatt – MOC-Floyd Valley        Stella
3rd       Sara Groen – MOC-Floyd Valley            Only Human

Drawing – Graphite
1st        Grace Gomez – Sheldon                   Overwhelmed
2nd         Katie Kensak – MOC-Floyd Valley     Self-Portrait             
      Sarah Diekevers – MOC-Floyd Valley   Queen

Drawing – Ink/Marker
1st        Breeah Miller – MOC-Floyd Valley     Abeja
2nd       Mia Kraai – Sioux Center                    Distressed
3rd       Katie Kensak – MOC-Floyd Valley     It’s U

Drawing – Pastel (Oil, Soft)
1st       Che Cameron – Le Mars                   Reflection
2nd       Ava DeJong – MOC-Floyd Valley    Companion
3rd       Tessa Kellen – Le Mars                   Roar

Drawing – Other
1st       Emma DeJong – Boyden-Hull        Salazar
2nd       Edith Hinojosa – Boyden-Hull     Beautiful Black Dots
3rd       Leandro Hernandez – Boyden-Hull Tilin

Painting – Acrylic/Tempera
1st        Grace Gomez – Sheldon                   Untitled
2nd       Grace Nasers – Sibley-Ocheyedan   Weeping Willow
3rd       Tied listed in no specific order

  1. Piper Ross – Boyden-Hull        From Dad to Dad
  2. Jessie Baker – Sheldon               Deaths
  3. Chloe Gergen – South O’Brien      Calming of the Trees

Painting – Watercolor
1st       Hunter DeJong – MOC-Floyd Valley       Iguana Isolation
2nd       Anisa DeYoung – MOC-Floyd Valley     Emotional Overload                    
3rd       Tied listed in no specific order

  1. Alayna Wingate – Sibley-Ocheyedan Country Road
    b. Conner Schrick – Central Lyon Meatshop

Painting – Other
1st        Connor Iverson – Rock Valley              Walking the Dog
2nd       Tied listed in no specific order

  1. Becca Hulinsky – Le Mars          Saved by Grace
  2.   Ashlyn Hulstein – Western Christian Letters in the Sky

    Sculpture & 2D Mixed Media
    1st       Zoe Beau Godsey – MOC-Floyd Valley      Careless
    2nd       Tied listed in no specific order
  1. Taja Conley – South O’Brien              At Peace
  2.  Alyssa Gibbons – HMS                       Untitled
    3rd       Tied listed in no specific order
  1. Connor Iverson – Rock Valley        Happy Easter
  2.         Ava Truesdell – MOC-Floyd Valley        Pulse  

Sculpture & 3D Mixed Media
1st       Keytin Elser – Sibley-Ocheyedan        Fairy Garden
2nd       Brenna Wells – Boyden-Hull                The Lovers
3rd            Jadyn Nelson – Le Mars                    Alternate Reality

Overall Awards – High School

1st        Matthew Meyer – Sheldon                 Abstraction
2nd       Melany Leon – Sheldon                Carved Tripod Lidded Vases
3rd            Brenna Wells – Boyden-Hull             The Lovers

Honorable Mentions

  • Jadyn Nelson – Le Mars                      Alternate Reality
  • Nex Kliment – Le Mars                      Wedding Bells
  • Brooklyn Joines – South O’Brien        Italian Night
  • Suki Roed – South O’Brien                Snack Platter
  • Salma Younes – South O’Brien         Chipotle Bowl

Digital Media/Photography
1st       Olivia Buyert – Boyden-Hull                       Life
2nd       Gage Haan – Sheldon                        Portrait of Andrew
3rd            Alexess Roeder – MOC-Floyd Valley  Trigger Ctrl  

Honorable Mentions

  • Karlie Hamilton – Rock Valley       Vengeance
  • Michael Strehlow – Sheldon     Ready or Not

1st        Belen Soto – MOC-Floyd Valley        Leap Frog
2nd       Katie Kensak – MOC-Floyd Valley   Self-Portrait
3rd       Grace Gomez – Sheldon                 Overwhelmed

Honorable Mentions

  • Jasmine Morales – Central Lyon          Split
  • Ashlyn Hulstein – Western Christian Shattered Compass
  • Kade Seger – HMS                         Lava Fall
  • Brenna Wells – Boyden-Hull                               Qualle
  • Breah Miller – Boyden-Hull        Abeja
  • Dain Moermond – South O’Brien White Noise

1st       Hannah Mulder – Western Christian Tropical Y
2nd       Kayla Dolieslafer – Sioux Center       Spring
3rd       Dezirae Herenemus – Rock Valley  Love after Death
Honorable Mentions

  • Summer Vis – Western Christian   Diffidence
  • Jessie Baker – Sheldon Death’s Hold is a Heartbeat Away
  • Grace Nasers – Sibley-Ocheyedan  Weeping Willow

Mixed Media
1st       Alyssa Gibbons – HMS                       Monstrous Clock
2nd       Sheldon High School Students    Neurographic Installation Sculpture
3rd            Jadyn Nelson – Le Mars                    Koi Fish

Honorable Mentions

  • Katie Kensak – MOC-Floyd Valley   It’s U Covetown
  • Daisy Lopez – Boyden-Hull              The Hidden Lady
  • Geonella Ramirez – Sioux Center    Runway of Gold

Best in Show
Grace Gomez – Sheldon                    Untitled
Grace Gomez – Sheldon                    Overwhelmed

The twelve northwest Iowa high schools who participated are: Boyden-Hull, Central Lyon, HMS, Le Mars, MOC-Floyd Valley, Rock Valley, Sheldon, Sibley-Ocheyedan, Sioux Center, South O’Brien, Trinity Christian and Western Christian.