Northwest Iowa Community College Partners with Local Libraries to Provide Adult Education Programs

Northwest Iowa Community College and the Sheldon, Sioux Center, and Orange City public libraries announce an agreement to expand Life and Leisure events and class offerings across Northwest Iowa.

The partnership is about providing Northwest Iowans with adult programming and lifelong learning opportunities. Each library already develops their own version of adult programming and working together helps generate new ideas, draw more registrations, and advertise to more individuals.

What that means to the public is they will be made aware of class offerings throughout Northwest Iowa by all the partners – not just their hometown partner. This is a benefit to each library financially, but also the community members throughout the area.  By pooling the partner’s resources the community members will have access to more class offerings, a wider assortment of topics to choose from, and potentially more prominent speakers who normally require larger audiences and a higher presenter fee before they will accept the invitation.

“We are trying to look at our programming using an urban or metro model. We believe people are willing to drive 15-30 minutes if there is great programming – just like they would in a metro area. The time is the same spent commuting whether it is metro or rural. The difference is we have less traffic, but maybe a longer actual drive because of mileage,” said Greta Giese, NCC Director of the Lifelong Learning & Recreation Center. “By working together with our partners our community members will have more opportunities for lifelong learning, access to more popular and bigger name presenters, and time to socialize with more people, and explore more amenities NW Iowa has to offer.”

Some of the first classes that are being cross-promoted are:

Take The Plunge: Getting Started with Watercolor

Orange City Public Library

6 Consecutive Mondays Jan. 24 – Feb. 28

6:15 PM to 7:45 PM

Ordinary Meals Extraordinary Messages

Crossroads Pavilion – Sheldon

February 1 at 7pm

Flowers with Friends

Prairie Winds Event Center – Orange City

February 24 at 6:00 PM

Quick Swing Dance Class

Children’s Park – Sioux Center

March 3 at 6:30 PM

Beginner’s Guide to Pickleball

Lifelong Learning & Recreation Center – Sheldon

March 17 at 7pm

Contact information for each partner:

Greta Giese, Director – NCC, Lifelong Learning & Recreation Center

Phyllis Van Gelder, Education and Literacy Librarian – Orange City Library

Nicole Weber, Director – Sheldon Library

Julie Kreun, Adult Programming – Sioux Center Library