NCC’s Thunder Cupboard Calls for Community Support to Tackle Student Hunger

The Thunder Cupboard at Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) is reaching out to the hearts and cupboards of the community, seeking donations to help students fight hunger and stay focused on their studies.

Recent studies, like the one from the national Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments, show that hunger isn’t just a problem outside school walls—it’s also in our classrooms. With one in three college students struggling to get enough food, which is essential for good health and good grades, NCC took action by opening the Thunder Cupboard in 2020.

Located right on campus, the Thunder Cupboard is like a mini-market where students can grab food when they need it, no questions asked. This helps them concentrate on their learning without an empty stomach.

With the cost of food is going up, the number of students who need the Thunder Cupboard has also gone up. If you are interested in supporting the Thunder Cupboard, you can donate money, non-perishable food items like cereal or peanut butter, or even things like soap and toothpaste.

Every penny given goes through the NCC Foundation and may count as a gift for tax purposes. To make a cash donation, just visit our website or send a check to the address provided. And if you’ve got some extra non-perishable food or other items, or just questions about how you can help, get in touch with Kristi Landis at the email or phone number below.

Your support could mean the world to a student in need. Join us in filling the Thunder Cupboard and keeping our students healthy and ready to learn!

Together, we can ensure hunger doesn’t hold back any student’s potential.