Josseline Castillo

“The flexibility of online classes was really important to me. I am able to work part-time and get my homework done on my schedule.”

Josseline Castillo, Online Associate of Arts student
Sioux Center, IA


“I chose NCC, because it had all the things I needed to go back to school and work full-time. The instructors have been very helpful and want you to succeed! I like online learning, because it allows me to work during the day and focus on my classes in the evening.”

Health Information Technology Online student
Tuscaumbia, AL

Madeline Oostra

“I loved the hands-on training we received and the experienced EMTs who spoke to our class about how to handle different situations. I am studying to become a nurse now and my EMT training is a huge asset.”

EMT, current NCC nursing student
Sheldon, IA

Alidea Savage

“I enjoy the flexibility of my classes and the hometown feel at NCC. You’re not in a class with 200 people in a big auditorium that feels overwhelming. NCC makes sure you feel comfortable and everyone is friendly.”

Business student
Boyden, IA

Jason Grover

“I had family who came to NCC and recommended it. NCC is a friendly environment. I received a scholarship which made me feel good, and I appreciate the investment they put in me!”

Independence, IA


“I love online learning. I was working full-time last year and I found that it was very easy to work and then come home and do my studies whenever I was free. I like the freedom and the independence.”

Online student
Battle Creek, IA


“The classes are interesting. I like the smaller class sizes and more time with your instructors. NCC is very affordable and receiving a scholarship also helped!”

Business student
Larchwood, IA


“I am planning to become a Certified Public Accountant and knew I could start towards that goal by attending NCC. The College is close and affordable and has a flexible schedule. I’ve gotten great experience working with the VITA site, preparing taxes for those who need help.”

Accounting student
Rock Rapids, IA


“The instructors were very helpful! The skillset I received at NCC has helped me to be successful in my career.”

Computer Grad
Currently employed at Interstates, Sioux Center

Josseline Castillo

“Online learning was the right fit for me, because I had a hard time making it to campus. I work part-time so the flexibility of online classes is very important and convenient!”

Online student
Sioux Center, IA