Scholarships Awarded to Powerline Students

Students in the Powerline program at Northwest Iowa Community College, Sheldon, IA, have received scholarships based on academic achievement and leadership qualities.

The Powerline Scholarship, endowed by the electrical power industry, was awarded to two students who exemplify excellence in the program. Luke Giesemann, Bellevue, IA, and Adam Uhl, Moville, IA, were recognized for this honor. The amount of this scholarship varies from $500-$1,000.

The Mel Marcotte Memorial Powerline Scholarship was established in memory of Mel Marcotte, an instructor at NCC for over 23 years. Marcotte was instrumental in creating the Powerline Program at NCC. An endowment has been set up for scholarship purposes through funds from Marcotte’s children, former students, industry leaders, current Powerline instructors, and Powerline program funds. This year’s recipient of the $500 Mel Marcotte Memorial Powerline Scholarship is Austin Neff of Hampton, IA.

The Bill Franey Memorial Powerline Scholarship was established in memory of Bill Franey. The recipients of the $500 Bill Franey Memorial Powerline Scholarships are Tanner Henniges, Sumner, IA, and Josh Rosenburgh, Fort Dodge, IA. Bill began his career with the Greene County REC which later became Midland Power Cooperative. He worked for the Cooperative for 30 years starting as an apprentice lineman and for the last ten years of his career he served as line superintendent. He retired after 41 years with the Cooperative. The memorial has been established by Bill’s wife, Shirley.

Justin Carrier, Bellevue, IA, and Dustin Wille, Holy Cross, IA, have been awarded Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives – Pioneer Trust Scholarships. The Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives – Pioneer Trust Scholarships are $1,000 and were awarded to these gentlemen based on their academic achievement. The Scholarship is awarded to a traditional and a non-traditional student who obtain the highest grade point average at the end of their second semester.

The Eastern Iowa Light & Power Cooperative Scholarship was established to encourage students in that service area to attend the Powerline program at NCC. This year’s recipients are: Garret Colbert, Columbus Junction, IA; Brian Green, Muscatine, IA; and Cole Miller, Solon, IA. The amount of the scholarship varies from $2,000 to $3,000.