Scholarships Awarded to Powerline Students

Students in the Powerline program at Northwest Iowa Community College, Sheldon, IA were recently awarded scholarships based on their desire to enter the lineman profession, academic achievement and leadership qualities.

The Powerline Scholarship, endowed by the electrical power industry, was awarded to two students who exemplify excellence in the program. The amount of this scholarship varies from $500-$1,000. Noah Skow of Dakota City, IA, and Jesus Tinajero-Lule of Waucoma, IA, were recognized for this honor.

The Mel Marcotte Memorial Powerline Scholarship was established in memory of Mel Marcotte, an instructor at NCC for over 23 years. Marcotte was instrumental in creating the Powerline Program at NCC. An endowment has been set up for scholarship purposed through funds from Marcotte’s children, former students, industry leaders, Powerline Instructors, and Powerline program funds. This year’s recipient of the $500 Mel Marcotte Memorial Powerline Scholarship is Brady Ortner of Shellsburg, IA.

The Bill Franey Memorial Powerline Scholarship was established in memory of Bill Franey. Bill began his career with the Greene County REC which later became Midland Power Cooperative. He worked for the Cooperative for 30 years starting as an apprentice lineman and for the last ten years of his career he served as line superintendent. He retired after 41 years with the Cooperative. The memorial has been established by Bill’s wife, Shirley, and son Mike. The recipients of the $750 Bill Franey Memorial Powerline Scholarships are Reece Devries of La Porte City, IA, and Caden Smith of Glidden, IA.

The Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives – Pioneer Trust Scholarships are $1,000 and are awarded based on academic achievement. These scholarships are awarded to a traditional and a non-traditional student enrolled in the Powerline program who attain high academic achievement, demonstrate good work habits and leadership qualities and have a good record of class attendance. Garrett Lahann of Austin, MN, and Coby Kessler of La Belle, MO, have been awarded the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives – Pioneer Trust Scholarships.

The Eastern Iowa Light & Power Cooperative Scholarship was established to encourage students in their service area to attend the Powerline program at NCC. Two scholarships were awarded in the amount of $2,000 each. Drake Johnson of Danville, IA, and Ethan Unzicker of Danville, IA, have been awarded the Eastern Iowa Light & Power Cooperative Scholarships.

The Sheldon Competition Park’s Legacy Scholarship was established to recognize NCC Powerline and Heavy Equipment students that volunteer their time for the betterment of their communities. The Sheldon Competition Park was a motorsports complex that offered Motocross, Demolition Derby, Go-Karts and Mud Drags. The complex was constructed with the aid of NCC’s Powerline and Heavy Equipment programs. The dedication and hard work of all the volunteers who made the organization successful has created this scholarship as a legacy to encourage students to use their talents for the betterment of their communities. Braden Grebner of Humboldt, IA, was awarded the $250 Sheldon Competition Park’s Legacy Scholarship.

The Wesley & Rita Freml Memorial Scholarship was created in honor of Wesley and Rita Freml. The Fremls raised six boys, all of which became employed by power cooperatives throughout the state of Iowa. The scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement. Caden Smith of Glidden, IA, was awarded the $500 Wesley & Rita Freml Memorial Scholarship.

Photo – Powerline Group:

Pictured (L-R):
(back row) Bryce Anderson (instructor), Brady Ortner, Drake Johnson, Caden Smith, Ethan Unzicker, Reece Devries and Noah Skow

(front row) Aaron Dvorak (instructor) Coby Kessler, Garrett Lahann, Jesus Tinajero-Lule, Braden Grebner, Milet Kracht (instructor) and Jeff Soole (instructor)