Scrubs Camp

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 | 9AM–3PM

Open to all students who just completed grades 7–12!

Have you been thinking about a career in healthcare? Well, spending this day with us is a great way to know if that’s really what you want to do!

Scrubs Camp is a one-day, hands-on experience where you “scrub up” with pros who actually DO healthcare for a living. Learn what it’s like to arrive at the scene of an emergency. See and touch some of the equipment used to make people better. And a whole lot more.

If you just finished 7th through 12th grade and think you might be interested in a health career, Scrubs Camp is the place for you. There’s NO CHARGE to attend and lunch, t-shirt, and snacks are provided.

Find out more about careers in:
Radiologic Technology
Health Information Technology
Medical Coding
Surgical Tech
Medical Lab Tech


Wendy Nelson is the administrator at Prairie View Campus in Sanborn, a long term care facility. She loves being able to make a difference in people’s lives. Iowa Health Care Association Spotlight –

30 minute Sessions

Nursing: Staying Alive! – Students in this session will practice nursing skills including taking vital signs, giving injections, and tracing blood flow through the heart (pig hearts)!  Come ready to explore the nursing career through these hands-on activities!

CNA: Escape Room – “Escape your shift” by answering questions and doing activities correctly all while learning on what you will be doing day to day as a CNA.

Radiologic Technology: The Image of Healthcare – You’ve probably seen x-rays taken on TV. Now, here’s your chance to see how these are actually taken! Students will get the chance to review different xrays through hands on activities. Students will also get a feel for “running” some equipment

Pharmacy: Prescriptions evaluation and filling, compounding, processing a provider order.

Health Information Technology & Medical Coding: “Say What?!” – Review the common medical terminology and abbreviations used in the language of medicine.  You will hear these used throughout the scenario.  Learn about the documentation in the electronic health record, the diagnosis and procedure coding used for each encounter, and the way this information is used inside and outside the facility.

Surgical Tech: Gain hands-on experience learning about a career as a surgical technician, from garb to tools, to practicing on a manikin, you’ll leave wanting to join our surgery team. 

EMS: Somebody Call 911 – 911 has been called and you are apart of the response crew rushing to the scene in a real ambulance. You will piece together clues to help you and the patient arrive to the hospital safe and sound. If you ever wanted to have a first hand experience as an EMT or Paramedic, this session will be for you!

Medical Lab Technician: In this session we will collect specimens, show the students some of the different tests we run, we will talk about what we can discover from testing (infections, cancer, heart, liver, kidney problems, maintain equipment, quality control). The two techs will demonstrate a blood draw on each other. If we have a practice arm, students can try.  We will show some slides under a microscope: basic blood slide, swab a cheek/mouth, show some bacteria growth on plates. Finally, we will ask for volunteers to find out what blood type they are: guess their blood type and then test (finger poke and show them a quick test for blood typing).

Lunch-Speaker-Healthcare Career Booths

Speaker: Abbie Kooiker – Nursing Student

Listen to her healthcare career journey starting from juggling high school and being involved in activities and being a CNA to graduating from the NCC LPN program and now being in the NCC ADN (RN) program. It can work – she’s doing it!

Career Booths:

Wings Air Rescue
Sanford Health
Osceola Regional Health Center
Prairie View Campus
NCC Admissions
Sioux Center Health
Rock Rapids Avera Health

emergency care simulation

Performed by NCC healthcare instructors, alongside the Sheldon Community Ambulance Team (SCAT), in which all of the healthcare programs worked together for a common goal of saving the patient — just like in a real emergency situation.

The simulation will be of an emergency trauma scenario in which a person was involved in a vehicle accident because of texting and driving. The simulation will start with the SCAT arriving at the accident scene with lights and sirens blaring. They then will assess the “car accident patient” (volunteer crash victim) and will bring the patient into the college from the simulated car accident in the parking lot. Once inside the emergency room (NCC Health lab) the instructors will take over the simulation using state-of-the-art manikin simulation technology (donated to NCC by the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation) to play the role of the car accident patient. After the patient is diagnosed with injuries and stabilized the last step of this simulation was to prepare the patient for transport to a regional hospital by air.  (This is the expected simulation parameters. Subject to change.)

This camp is FREE, thanks to Iowa Intermediary Network and local healthcare sponsors, but space is limited so sign up today!