Tuition & Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office will work with you to reach the goal of attending college.

Federal and state programs, scholarships and other funding sources, may be available to help you to afford college. We know there are a lot of questions and stress planning to pay for a college education. Learn More

The Financial Aid Office staff administers aid programs and counsels students in planning individual methods of meeting college costs. Contact the Financial Aid Office for answers to any questions regarding financial aid.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Northwest Iowa Community College follows a nationally accepted philosophy in administering financial aid programs.

For questions regarding financial aid call Financial Aid at 712-324-5061 or send them an email.


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Future Ready Iowa Scholarships


THIS PROGRAM QUALIFIES. Iowa needs people like you to fill exciting jobs in growing industries. To help keep Iowa moving forward, you can get free tuition for programs that lead to high-demand jobs and good-paying careers. Earn a one-year or two-year degree—all with free tuition. For specific details of the Future Ready Iowa Scholarship (including how to apply) and for a full list of every NCC program that qualifies – click here. Contact NCC’s Financial Aid Office at 712-324-5061 or for more information.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition Per Semester Credit

Academic Year 2023–2024, effective Fall Semester 2023 – Per Semester Credit (additional fees apply)

Resident – $200 (see residency defined)
Non-Resident – $210
Border State – $205 (MN, NE, and SD)
Online Classes – $214

Cost of Attendance Budget

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Academic Year 2024–2025, effective Fall Semester 2024 – Per Semester Credit (additional fees apply)

Resident – $208 (see residency defined)
Non-Resident – $218
Border State – $213 (MN, NE, and SD)
Online Classes – TBD

Cost of Attendance Budget

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For questions regarding financial aid call Financial Aid at 712-324-5061 or send them an email.


For general school related questions please contact Student Services at 712-324-5061 or send them an email.

Financial Aid


Scholarships are available through the NCC Foundation.

Federal & State Aid

View all Federal and State financial aid opportunities available.

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Student Loans

Learn about loan counseling & the application process.

Eligibility & Policies

Review Financial Aid eligibility and policies information.

Instructions & Forms

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Tuition & Financial Aid FAQs

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) collects data that the federal government uses to determine your eligibility for federal and state aid, including grants, loans and work-study.

After you complete and submit your FAFSA, you will receive the FASFA Submission Summary (FSS) by mail or email.

Review the information on the FSS, check for accuracy, and update information if necessary.

Once the NCC Financial Aid Office begins processing applications, you will receive a letter in the mail along with a list of required forms and/or documents.

Forward all requested forms and documents to the Financial Aid Office. Please respond to NCC as soon as possible with all documents.

Once your file is complete and you are accepted by Admissions, the Financial Aid Office sends you an Award Letter that indicates the types and amounts of aid for which you are eligible.

We strive to send you information in a timely manner. However, if corrections must be made or if documentation is required, this process may take longer. Be patient, and complete all forms in a timely manner.

When you receive your FSS, review it carefully to make sure it is correct and complete.

If it is correct, keep the FSS for future reference.

If you need to make corrections and you applied electronically, you must make corrections through FAFSA on the Web, using your FSA ID. If you applied using a paper FAFSA, correct the answers on the FSS, sign it, and mail it back.

If your FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) is selected for the verification process, the college must compare your FAFSA Submission Summary with documents, including IRS Tax Transcripts, that verify your financial status.

All requested documents must be received by the student’s last day of enrollment or the end of the term, whichever is earlier.

Approximately one-third of all FAFSA Submission Summaries are selected for verification.