Student Services

Academic Advising

All NCC students are assigned to an academic advisor and must meet with him/her each semester during the registration period. Your advisor can assist you with developing an educational plan to meet your career goals, identify on and off campus resources to help with academic success, help with course selection and appropriate sequencing of courses, and answer your questions as they arise.

Academic Advisor/Counseling

The Director of Secondary Programs and Student Development is the staff position at Northwest Iowa Community College which coordinates counseling for students who are experiencing personal, academic or social concerns. The Director of Secondary Programs and Student Development makes referrals to outside agencies when needed. If you feel that you might need counsel, please contact Sarah Breems-Diekevers, ext. 137.

In the absence of the Director of Secondary Programs and Student Development, the Associate Dean of Students/Registrar will make the referral.

Career Assistance At NCC

Career assistance is available to NCC students and to interested individuals in the following areas: 
• Career Resource Area (Library)—brochures, videos and web addresses
• Resumé Evaluation (Learning Center, Library, or TRIO)
• Interviewing Tips (Learning Center, Library or TRIO)
• Interest Profile Assessment (Learning Center)
• Current Job Listings (see Placement below)
If interested in receiving career assistance, please contact the Director of Academic Center.


The Placement Office can help you find employment relating to your specific training, abilities, and interests both while a student and after graduation. Current full and part-time employment opportunity listings are available via email and at Please submit your email address and program to to be added to the email list.


TRIO Student Support Services is a federal grant program funded by the United States Department of Education. Its objective is to motivate, encourage, and assist students to reach their goal of graduating from their program at NCC and transferring to a four-year college.

TRIO services are free and available to students who apply, meet eligibility requirements and are accepted to the program.

Once accepted into the program, students are offered a variety of services including professional tutoring, academic advising, financial aid counseling, transfer assistance, college visits, career counseling, and Lunch & Learn workshops.

In addition, TRIO students may be eligible for Grant Aid Scholarships through the program, which never has to be paid back!

In order to join, students must complete an application available online or in the TRIO office. When the applications are received, students are notified as to their eligibility.

Student Housing

Just a short walk from classes, student housing at Northwest Iowa Community College is made up of four housing complexes—Cherokee Hall, Lyon Hall, O’Brien Hall, and Osceola Hall. There is no better way to feel connected to the College and the student body than living on campus. You’ll experience college life as it is meant to be and build friendships that last a lifetime!

Cherokee Hall offers apartment style living. Choose from two options; a four student apartment consists of two bedrooms, one bath, and a kitchen/living area or a two student apartment which consists of one bedroom, one bath, and a kitchen/ living area.

Lyon Hall and O’Brien Hall offers suite style living. A suite accommodates four students with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen/living area.

Osceola Hall also offers suite style living. A suite accommodates four students with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen living area. There is a game room in the basement that is open to all NCC students. There are several large screen TVs with gaming consoles available for use.

Each hall is accommodated with a gas grill outside. 

There are lounges, study spaces, vending machines, computers, printers, ping pong, foosball, and pool tables located in various residence halls.

Additional information regarding student housing is available from the Coordinator of Residence Life in Student Services.


The NCC Library provides access to a wide variety of materials, information, and services that support the educational and general information needs of NCC students, faculty, staff and community residents. Personal assistance is available to individuals or small groups with research assignments within the library, by email, chat or telephone. Librarians also provide library research instruction and orientations in the classroom.

The library collection includes over 16,000 physical books, 70 print subscriptions to magazines, journals and newspapers, 900 audio books on CD, and over 2,000 videos. Library users have online access to more than 185,000 electronic books, a variety of online databases that provide thousands of full-text newspaper, journal and magazine articles, over 30,000 online videos, and a growing collection of e-books and audiobooks that are available for download to computers or other devices. In addition to the educational resources offered by the library, users may stop in to color, work on our puzzles, or check out any of our games to play at home or in the library. Access to the library catalog and online resources is available to NCC students, faculty and staff from the library webpage at Registered users can reserve materials online, renew items and access their account information through the online catalog. Remote access to a majority of the online resources is available to NCC students and employees; please contact the library staff for passwords and instructions or log into your MyPlace and select Library Resources

In addition to the resources provided by the NCC Library, students may borrow books, videos, and articles from libraries throughout the state and nation by requesting interlibrary loan services.

Library services include computers, wireless internet access, a copier/printer (black and white and color), a scanner and a fax machine. We also have two small study rooms that students can use individually or as a group. One of the spaces includes meeting room technology that can be utilized to attend meetings via zoom or to allow groups to work simultaneously on group projects. The spaces can also be adjoined to accommodate larger groups if needed. Students, faculty and staff may use their ID cards as their library card. Library users without a student ID may obtain a library card at the reference desk any time the library is open.

College Store

The NCC College Store, located just inside the main entrance of Building A, proudly supplies the academic community with all the tools needed to be successful at NCC. We offer personalized help in choosing your textbooks for your campus courses. At the NCC College Store you’ll get the exact textbooks selected by your instructors at competitive prices!

Your NCC College Store has more than just books.
We have NCC apparel, NCC merchandise, school supplies, electronics, nursing supplies, safety glasses, personal care products, gift cards, and much more! Hungry? The College Store offers a full line of chips, candy bars, snack items, pop, breakfast and lunch pizza, hot and cold sandwiches, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, F’Real shakes and more! If you’re unable to make it to campus you may conveniently shop our online store at for our full line of NCC apparel and merchandise, and textbooks for your online courses.

Textbooks—Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I purchase textbooks for CAMPUS courses?

Campus course materials will be available to purchase in the NCC College Store approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of each term. Campus textbooks may only be purchased in person in the College Store and no pre-ordering is necessary. Please have your course schedule available and we will quickly find your required materials for you. Campus textbook information may be viewed on our website by clicking the textbooks link for ‘Campus Courses’ found at the bottom of the website’s home page. However, this is for your information only and you will not be able to purchase CAMPUS books from this website. Please note that the prices on the website are estimates and are subject to change.

2. How do I purchase textbooks for ONLINE courses?
Online course materials must be purchased through our website No online course textbooks will be available in the College Store. Each semester one or two free shipping days will be offered for online course materials purchased through our website. Begin by clicking the textbook link for ‘Online Courses’ found at the bottom of the website’s home page. You will need to create and/or login to your textbook account using your NCC email address (please do NOT use a personal email address), and have your course schedule and credit card available. Physical textbooks will be shipped directly to the address provided and digital textbooks will be accessed through your NCC email address.

3. How do I purchase textbooks for ONLINE courses using my financial aid or my Nelnet payment plan?
As long as your financial aid is in place (or your Nelnet payment plan
is set up through the Business Office) we will be able to access your
account using your student ID #.

4. How do I purchase textbooks for ONLINE courses using my financial aid or my Nelnet payment plan?
All textbook orders for online courses using financial aid must be purchased by the NCC College Store staff. Please send an email to and provide the following information: name, student ID #, shipping address, course #’s you’re registered in, preference in textbook style (USED, NEW, DIGITAL) and the statement “NCC College Store is authorized to use my financial aid”. Not all courses will have textbook style options, but we will attempt to meet your preferences. Once your order has been placed, a confirmation email/tracking information will be sent to your NCC email.

Fall and Spring Term Hours
Monday–Thursday 7:30am–4:30pm
Friday 7:30am–4:00pm

Summer Term Hours
Monday–Thursday 7:30am–4:00pm
Friday 8:00am–12:00pm

Questions about the College store? Call 712-324-5061 or 800-352-4907 ext. 320 or email

4+ Program

Northwest Iowa Community College works with high schools to provide services to fifth-year seniors who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The 4+ Program provides oversight of academic and attendance matters, academic counseling and career planning. The 4+ coordinator reports regularly to the local student’s school district to provide progress reports on IEP goals. Students who participate in this program must be recommended by the high school. If you are a parent or student desiring this service, please contact your high school counselor prior to graduation. The student’s IEP is developed and managed by the high school, with input from the NCC 4+ coordinator.

The 4+ office is located in Roo, A125. For more information email:, or call
712-324-5061, ext. 151.